Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Seattle fan makes an impressive leaping catch to snag a bat flying into the stands

Now this, my friends, is how to impress a stadium full of people and an audience watching at home when a bat comes flying your way at a baseball game.
The above GIF — courtesy of CSN Chicago — comes from Tuesday's Chicago White Sox-Seattle Mariners game. Kelly Shoppach of the Mariners lost grip of his bat during a strikeout and it flew into the crowd. What could often be a dangerous (or embarrassing) situation, instead becomes a great fan play.
The fan, who is wearing a snazzy "May the Morse Be With You: T-shirt — a reference to Mariners slugger Michael Morse — might have used the Jedi Mind Trick to make the grab, because it's perfect. He leaps, turns slightly, grabs it with both hands and sticks the landing. And nobody was hurt in the process.
Bravo, sir.

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