Thursday, November 12, 2009

North vs South

Who is better??? Northern football vs Southern football??? You tell me?

Don King Please Call Me

Today as I went to interview boxer King James De La Rosa. Bad news came before I could ask my first question. Recently King James signed a contract with Don King Promotions. In James De La Rosa's new contract there are certain rules regarding when he can talk to the media. King James will call me later to what those terms are. As of right now I can't interview King James unless Don King allows him to do so. I can't complain as I see King James move up in the world boxing ranks. Juan De La Rosa, the father of King James, told me Don King can see a title shot coming in the next year and a half. I have built up a relationship with the De La Rosa family and covered James when he was 8-0. King James is now 20-0 (12 KO's). I remember putting together a story on James and his brother J.P. in September of 2008. I watched every fight iincluding the hundreds of amateur fights between the two. The King and the De La Rosa family know our friendship will never end but as of right now I will just have to wait. That's just how contracts are for big time boxers. Maybe James De La Rosa's contract can be different. This could possibly happen


D's Picks: High School Football Playoffs

Ok Valley football fans. This is playoff time!!!! Every team better show up or expect to stay home in round two. Here are my picks for the first round of the High School Football Playoffs!!!

Mission Veterans vs Corpus Christi Flour Bluff: Flour Bluff Wins

Brownsville Pace vs PSJA North: Pace Wins
San Benito vs Harlingen High: Harlingen Wins
Edinburg North vs Los Fresnos: Los Fresnos Wins
Edinburg vs Brownsville Hanna: Hanna Wins
Laredo Alexander vs Misson Sharyland: Sharyland Wins
Rio Grande City vs San Antonio Southwest: S.A. Southwest Wins
McAllen vs Eagle Pass: Eagle Pass Wins

Alice vs Mission: Mission Wins
Corpus Christi Calallen vs Weslaco East: Weslaco East
Mercedes vs Corpus Christi Tuloso-Midway: Mercedes Wins

Lyford vs Mathis: Lyford Wins
Rio Hondo vs Sinton: Sinton Wins

La Villa vs Falls City: Falls City

Mercedes vs Corpus Christi Tuloso-Midway: Mercedes Wins

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

San Benito coach on MEDIA BOYCOTT but talks to ME

I heard through the grapevine that San Benito head football coach Spencer Gantt is not talking to the media this week. Through the grapevine coach Gantt wants his kids to be focused on Friday's 1st round playoff game against Harlingen High. I decided to call Mr. Gantt tonight and I was surprised that coach picked up the phone. Although he won't let me speak to the players I reminded him that the last time I interviewed the team the Greyhounds crushed Los Fresnos 52-27. That's the fist district loss for Los Fresnos since 2005. I guess superstition is powerful as our conversation didn't end. I did mention that during the Los Fresnos week coach Gantt said quote, "to be the best you have to beat the best," end quote. He laughed. Before the end of our conversation coach Gantt also said quote, "Darren you can interview Harlingen during your live shot before the game but after you better interview me" end quote. I guess that means he expects San Benito to upset Harlingen.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Spurs defeat Raptors Recap from the AT&T Center in San Antonio

Game Finale update.....Tim Duncan and Tony Parker a no go. Toronto played well. This game went back and forth. 21 lead changes and 9 ties in this one. I guess that's pretty good since Timmy D and T-Parker are in street clothes. Manu Ginobili was 14-16 shooting for a team high 36 points 8 assist and 4 blocks that Manu told me he didn't know he had for the Spurs. Ginobili continues to get rabies shots. Maybe Manu should get rabies shots for the rest of the season. Ginobili told me this was the best he played in a long time. Overall most of the player for San Antonio stepped their game up. Richard Jefferson and Marcus Hill combined for 46 points while Matt Bonner finished with 18 off the bench. Overall tonight was a great night. Even Richard Jefferson offered me a bite of his corn on the cob. I said no thank you. (the H1N1 was on my mind)

Raptors 124 Spurs 131 Final

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I played football for 15 years and I can't count how many times the kicker lets the team down. Today Houston Texans kicker Kris Brown misses a 42 yard field wide left. A kicker sits on the sideline and kicks into a net. Five minutes later he's still on the sidelines kicking into a net. Practicing and Practicing for one moment. A moment so many kickers choke. Texans lose 20-17 to Indianapolis. The Colts improve to 8-0 on the year. Most football players know football is 90% mental. Football players practice and get mentally in shape. What do the kickers do. They practice on another field kicking dandelions. Maybe that's why kickers choke during crucial game changing kicks. They don't practice with the team so their are not mental in shape to overcome big time kicks. I remember rushing for 225 yards and three touchdowns to lose the game because my kicker missed a 32 yard game winning field goal. That's why Kris Brown is the first recipient of my "GYM SOCK AWARD!!!"