Saturday, August 31, 2013

Johnny Manziel trash talks a Rice defender, says he won’t give him an autograph (Video)

 Being suspended for the first half didn't dissuade Johnny Manziel from having some fun with the autograph controversy that's surrounded him.
After running for a first down, Manziel got up and started jawing with a Rice defender. He then motioned towards him shaking his head and made a signature motion with his hand, as if to say there would be no autographs being signed today.
Manziel sat out the first half because of an NCAA suspension after an investigation into allegations that he took money for signing memorabilia. The NCAA found that Manziel didn't accept any money, however, he was forced to sit out the first half.
Later in the drive, Manziel threw his first touchdown pass of the season, hitting Mike Evans for a 23-yard score. After that score, he broke out the "Show me the money!" celebration.

(Video) Rays Closer Fernando Rodney Gets Trapped in Dugout Bathroom

There was some drama in last night’s game between the Rays and Athletics and I’m not just talking about what was happening on the field. You see, Rays closer Fernando Rodney somehow got locked in the dugout bathroom in the eighth inning and had to be rescued. Seriously.
According to Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times, Rodney was stuck in the bathroom for about 15 minutes. Here’s the account from the unfortunate victim:
“The door locked, I don’t know how,” he said. “I’m yelling, “Hey unlock this, someone’s in the bathroom.” … It was hot inside, I could only hear the crowd with the game, I can’t see what’s going on. …
“It was weird.”
You can watch the video of the rescue below:

Villanova executed a double snap fake punt for a touchdown against Boston College (GIF)

While Villanova ultimately came up short, it did its best to become the third FCS team to beat an FBS team on opening weekend.
Facing a fourth down just inside BC territory, Villanova pulled off the always tricky double snap fake punt so well that they had both Boston College and ESPN's cameras trailing the wrong person.
After receiving the snap as a punt protector, Jamal Abdur-Rahman faked another snap to a teammate behind him, who faked a handoff to another player running to the near side of the field. The Boston College defenders all trailed the fake handoff, leaving Abdur-Rahman to sprint all the way for a touchdown.
Well done, Villanova. You've definitely pulled off the most creative play of the baby season.

Notre Dame starts the season with a spelling problem

The folks who ordered the promotional cups in Notre Dame Stadium for today's opener against Temple won't be winning any spelling bees this season.
Yep, those cups are supposed to say Fighting Irish. Well, of course they are, but they say 'Fig Thing Irish' instead. Oops.
Notre Dame had never played Temple before today. The Owls are the 142nd different opponent in Notre Dame history.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Michigan recruit Jabrill Peppers just scored the touchdown of the season and it’s still August

Michigan's Jabrill Peppers is ranked as the No. 1 athlete in the country and No. 3 player overall by 247's composite, and although most expect him to play defensive back at the next level, he's sort of good at running with a football in his hands.
His high school, Paramus Catholic, had a scrimmage Tuesday, and, well, this happened:
We decided to break down exactly how many defenders he makes miss, JUST counting dudes who get close enough to actually tackle him and not counting anybody twice. Note, he doesn't get touched for the first 15 yards, either.
And the finale:

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Florida coach suspended for slapping QB’s helmet on national TV

 Over the course of an NFL game, players constantly slap their teammates' helmets -- in celebration or disgust -- but is it OK for a coach to do the same to a high school kid?
During the nationally televised ESPN High School Football Kickoff over the weekend, cameras caught Weston (Fl.) Cypress Bay High coach Mark Guandolo giving senior quarterback Lucas Tellefsen an ear full -- followed by a swift smack on the helmet.
"I should’ve done it a different way," Guandolo told the Miami Herald after a 38-14 loss to American Heritage (Plantation, Fla.) School. "I hugged him after and just tried to find ways to get him to compete and he did. He really finished strong and I was proud of him."
The slap occurred after Tellefsen overthrew a receiver on a third-and-seven from the 25-yard line with his team trailing American Heritage just 14-7 in the second quarter.
Local media outlets latched on to the story, inundating Broward County school officials with requests for comment. On Monday, school officials responded by suspending Guandolo for two weeks from all athletic activities and three days from the entire school itself.
Meanwhile, Guandolo told the paper he spoke to both Tellefsen and his father Eric following the game, and neither expressed a care in the world about the head slap.
"I've known the family for a long time," Guandolo told the paper. "We're friends. Eric Tellefsen understands how I coach Lucas up, and he’s fine. We’ve known each other for years."
The father was even more profuse in his support of the coach.
"We love Coach G. He's coached two of my older sons that are in college on football scholarships," Tellefsen told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, adding that his family was behind the coach 110 percent. "There'd be a line wrapped around the corner if you called his players and wanted to know what he’s done for them."
Guandolo is somewhat of a legend in the South Florida high school football community, spending more than a quarter-century on the sidelines of five area schools and leading Hollywood (Fla.) Chaminade-Madonna College Prep to state titles in 2003 and 2005.
Now, the longtime coach expects to hear from school officials early this week about something that's probably happened a thousand times since his career began in 1987.
"This is my life," Guandolo told the Miami Herald. "I put 30 years of everything I have into kids today and trying to help them be better people and you hate for something like this to put a damper on all that. I’m sick about it."
Seriously, it's football. Players get their helmets slapped. Carry on. source: Prep Rally

Sprinklers Go Off At Coors Field

The sprinklers went off at Coor Fields just as DJ LeMahieu was up at-bat. The sprinklers turned on for a few seconds and splashed the entire field during the beginning of the fourth inning. We're just glad that none of the fielders hurt themselves by slipping or tripping on the wet field.

Candace Parker bloodies her own teammate with celebratory headbutt

 The Los Angeles Sparks need to work on their celebrations… While celebrating a big play by teammate Nneka Ogwumike, star Candace Parker accidentally opened a cut over Ogwumike’s eye when the two jumped into each other. Here’s video: Ouch. Who says the WNBA isn’t a brutal sport? (we’re kidding) Video via Fox Sports -ALR