Saturday, August 10, 2013

Michael Jordan shows he can still dunk at age 50 (Picture)

 Michael Jordan’s still got it!!!
At his annual Flight School camp at the University of California at Santa Barbara, Jordan — who turned 50 in February — showed he can still throw down as he put on a clinic for the youngsters and proved that he can still dunk.
Check out the impressive throwdown (made even more impressive by the fact His Airness is wearing jeans) in the photo to your left.


Makes you want to sing this song!!

Matt Jones hits ball off rocks, across green, right up to cup … just like he planned it

In the third round of the PGA Championship at Oak Hill, Matt Jones hit a shot on the par-3 11th that sailed towards the rocks... But somehow the ball ricocheted off the rocks, then across the green, into the fringe, and rolled to within three feet of the cup. Don't believe me!? Click on the video to your right ------->

NFL says customized face masks are not allowed

The National Football League is saying "NO NO" to the flashy face masks that several NFL players had planned to wear this season.
According to reports NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the that the customized mask that Indianapolis Colts linebacker Robert Mathis had been wearing during training camp would not be approved for use during games. The only way the NFL makes for the use of customized face mask is for medical reason. Mathis confirmed the ruling on his Twitter page.

Players like Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett had planned to wear a customized mask, which he unveiled at his team's FanFest in June. Dockett's mask had six horizontal bars and one vertical in the middle that divides a whopping 18 diagonal bars, nine on each side of the vertical bar. The model, which was created by Bad-Ass Masks, was called the "Freight Train".
New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck began wearing a mask with 12 diagonal bars and five horizontal bars last summer. Tuck began wearing that mask to prevent offensive linemen from grabbing his mask and aggravating a neck strain. With Tuck dealing with a back issue during training camp, so perhaps he'll be successful in his attempt to wear it again this season.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Stephen Curry Works Out In Zumba Dance Class (VIDEO)

Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry has previously mentioned his #NoDaysOff campaign while he documents his offseason through social media. But now it looks like Curry is stepping up his cardio workout by participating in a Zumba class.

Get those knees up, Steph. Training camp is just on the horizon!!!

FUNNY VIDEO: Miguel Cabrera trips at third base, tips cap

Miguel Cabrera certainly has the flare of an entertainer, even when he’s not hitting home runs.
The Detroit Tigers third baseman took his eye off the bag as he was heading to third base on a fielder’s choice by Don Kelly in the fourth inning of the Tigers’ 10-3 win over the Cleveland Indians, and he tripped on the base. Cabrera went down the ground and, after realizing his blunder garnered some embarrassing attention, he tipped his helmet to the Cleveland crowd.
Cabrera’s teammates were watching from the dugout when it happened, and they instantly began razzing him. Torii Hunter and Prince Fielder had great reactions:

Prince Fielder Torii Hunter
Cabrera seemed to be out-of-sorts after tripping, but he made sure to give his teammates the thumbs up to show that he was OK:
 Cabrera went 1-for-3 with 3 RBIs, two walks, and one fall in the game.

Dwight Howard Dances With an Old Lady (VIDEO)

Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard was recently back in Aspen, dancing and partying the night away with some older lady. They got down to “Sexual Healing” and “Love Train”, with Howard at some point rocking a wig.

MUST SEE: Kung Fu Golf Shot

The martial arts and golf have a lot more in common than you might initially think. Both disciplines require tremendous precision, patience, and dexterity. But what would happen if you were to combine the swift-yet-aggressive finesse of Kung Fu to your golf swing? The legendary martial artist Bruce Lee combined fighting styles to create an art all his own known as Jeet Kune Do. In a similar fashion, this golfer combines aspects of martial arts technique with a hard-driving golf shot.

Brian Banks picks up a tackle in his NFL preseason debut

The remarkable story of Brian Banks continued on Thursday night when the Atlanta Falcons linebacker made his NFL preseason debut.
"It was out of control. Just running out there, the flames, the cheers and the crowd, it was emotional; it really was," Banks said of running through the tunnel before Thursday night's game. "I wasn’t nervous at all. I wasn’t over-excited or anything, but just running out of that tunnel, I mean, the adrenaline that comes with that is just indescribable. It’s better than any rollercoaster ride you can ever get on.
"It was a really good feeling, and then just to be on the sideline and to hear all the veterans tell you,'Man when your turn comes, when they call your number just play.' Just the support and love from everybody is more than I can ask for."
Banks, 28, spent five years in prison and five years on parole after being wrongly accused and convicted of raping a female classmate at Poly Tech High School in Long Beach, California. Banks was a five-star recruit with aspirations of an NFL career at the time of his conviction. When he was exonerated in 2012, Banks began to pursue those NFL dreams, beginning with a tryout with the Seattle Seahawks, whose head coach, Pete Carroll, had recuited Banks to USC.

Banks was signed by the Falcons in April and worked mostly at middle linebacker during the OTAs and training camp. In his preseason debut, Banks played in 12 snaps, all on defense, and was officially credited with one tackle in the fourth quarter.
"It was good to get some reps in," said Banks. "I know the game wasn’t really where we wanted it to be, so I understood the whole aspect of how rotation would probably be, but coach still found some time to get me in there and get some reps. So, I was happy about that.
"I was motivated. I was like I got to pick up a tackle. I got to get at least one tackle. I picked up two, so it was pretty cool."
Banks' story will continue next Thursday night against the Tennessee Titans.

Redskins RB Chris Thompson has a ritual of eating a Starburst from his sock during games

Redskins RB Chris Thompson takes a handoff from Robert Griffin III (USA Today Sports Images)
Spoiler alert: This story might spoil the idea of eating a Starburst candy forever. Washington Redskins rookie rookie running back Chris Thompson has a gameday ritual, like many other players. Most of them don't involve eating candy that was stored in your sock during a game.
This one is a doozy, from, via the Washington Post's D.C. Sports Bog.

Thompson makes sure he has a red and yellow Starburst with him for every game. He'll eat the yellow one before the game, and put the red one in his sock to eat at halftime.
To repeat: He puts the red one in his sock to eat at halftime.
"Yeah, it sounds kind of nasty, but I've done it ever since high school," Thompson told Monumental Network.
Oh, well, if you've done it since high school then it's really not gross at all, Chris.
He reports that it doesn't change the flavor too much to have it marinating in his sock during the game.
"It tastes the same," Thompson said "Actually it doesn't get too wet either, because I have it right by my ankle tape and my sock so it's not on my leg getting all wet and nasty."
We've heard of other athletes having candy obsessions during games, but it's not like Marshawn Lynch's Skittles come from his armpits or jock strap.
I guess it's not me eating that Starburst from Thompson's sock, but it still makes me cringe just the same.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Minor league fan faceplants into concrete wall for incredible catch (Video)

Fan-faceplants-into-concrete-catchA fan who was sitting in the grassy area beyond center field during a minor league game between the Dayton Dragons and Lake County Captains earlier this week made the catch of the year. We’ve seen professional ballplayers sell out to make a catch before because they’re getting paid to help their teams win, but this guy laid it all on the line for a souvenir.
As the fan saw the home run ball soaring his way, he sprung out of his seat and started jogging toward a wall over his left shoulder. The wall happened to be made of solid steel and concrete and had absolutely no padding on it, but the dude made the catch and went face-first into the barrier anyway.
And when I said he did it for the a souvenir, I meant a souvenir for someone else. As if this guy didn’t already cement himself (no pun intended) as a legend with the catch itself, he then proceeded to hand the ball to a young girl who was sitting near him.
Simply put, this is the stuff legends are made of. We have seen fans accomplish some amazing feats during games when balls come their way, but this guy is in a class of his own.

Hitter hurls bat at pitcher, incites summer league brawl [VIDEO]

The Far West League is one of many summer collegiate baseball leagues – it provides college athletes the opportunity to work on their game during the offseason.
Last week, fans at the matchup between the Humboldt Crabs and the California Warriors witnessed a bench clearing brawl. The batter was hit in the head by a pitch and threw his bat at the pitcher, resulting in players from both teams clearing the dugouts. Take a look (warning: there is explicit language): 

As Sporting News points out, the regular season is only 27 games – meaning rival teams face each other three times. According to the fan in the video, that was the third pitch in a row aimed at the batter. It definitely leaves you wondering if the pitcher had it coming.

Let this serve as proof that Jonathan Ogden was always an enormous human being

St. Albans RB Phil Perry had the right idea here: Run behind the man-mountain — Flickr/StAlbansSchoolSt. Albans RB Phil Perry had the right idea here: Run behind the man-mountain — Flickr/StAlbansSchool
In honor of Jonathan Ogden's recent induction into the NFL Hall of Fame, his high school alma mater, Washington (D.C.) St. Albans Schoolreleased old black and white photos of the lineman as a prep star on Flickr. Needless to say, they are startling.
If there were ever any doubt, we can now all rest assured that Jonathan Ogden was always an extremely large man. Heck, he probably came out of the womb at 4-foot-5 and 175. He's just that big.
Now he's a Hall of Famer. Good luck containing all that man, Canton.
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It's a good thing Ogden was a patient teen; he easily could have crushed a teammate and sports anchor — Flickr/StAlbansSchoolIt's a good thing Ogden was a patient teen; he easily could have crushed a teammate and sports anchor — Flickr …

Guess which player is Jonathan Ogden? If you can't tell, you might need stronger glasses — Flickr/StAlbansSchoolGuess which player is Jonathan Ogden? If you can't tell, you might need stronger glasses — Flickr/StAlbansScho …

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Victor Oladipo, Cody Zeller dunk all over other rookies (VIDEO)

Clearly, rookie photo day is taken very seriously.
As part of the fun Indiana teammates last year Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller set it up so Oladipo could dunk all over his fellow rookies — on a trash-can rim with what I guess is a NERF ball. Doesn’t matter, getting dunked on is getting dunked on.
Best reaction was Thunder rookie Steven Adams, who is worried about his hair after the dunk.

Player slides way before first base to avoid tag

Recall Sean Nicholson hurdling a catcher? How about Kyle Brock doing the same? Well here's Greg Ashley (Post 6) putting down a sac bunt and then deciding to slide under 8 feet from the bag to avoid the tag.
Post 6 won their 5th Straight Wyoming American Legion State Title over Casper, 3-2. And that's why -- always go low.

Watch JaVale McGee terrorize pedestrians with car horn

Denver Nuggets Center JaVale McGee was rolling around the streets, perhaps a street near you, maniacally honking his custom car horn which sounds like a furious locomotive. Dozens of pedestrians thought a runaway train had escaped the tracks and was caroming toward the sidewalks.
But it wasn’t a train. It was JaVale being JaVale and loving every minute of it. Nothing gives JaVale McGee greater joy than JaVale McGee. We’d be so luck to enjoy life with the same unbridled joy.

One-hit wonders? Manning brothers rap in commercial

 Jay Z and 50 Cent had better watch out. The rap world has a couple of wigged-out new stars — E-Z and $17.5-Mil.

Haven't heard of them? Well, they're known better on the football field.

Quarterbacks and Super Bowl MVPs Eli and Peyton Manning burst onto the music scene this week with a three-minute rap videotape in which they promote "Football On Your Phone" for DirectTV.

The commercial starts out with the Mannings sitting in barber chairs, wearing wigs that mimicked hair styles of the '60s and '70s. Eli has a frizzy, curly-haired mop and Peyton wore a straight, long-hair wig worthy of any rocker.

"Peyton and I had fun doing the skit," Eli said Wednesday before practice. "Obviously (we) got a lot of laughs together just every time we would kind of look at each other and wonder what we were doing."

The brothers filmed the humorous commercial in one day in their native New Orleans, extolling the value of watching football games on a phone, joking at one point that someone was actually using his phone as a phone.
Of course, Eli Manning's teammates were on him Wednesday at the Giants' training camp.

Long-time Giants teammate Chris Snee said he had never seen Eli rap.

"I've never heard Eli sing period," the offensive lineman said. "When he controls the radio it's usually country or something nobody really wants to listen to besides him."

Punter Steve Weatherford called the performance "awesome," adding that players are walking in the team's headquarters humming the lyrics.

"Everybody. Everybody," said Weatherford, who added most people don't realize how funny the usually dry Eli Manning can be. "It's not getting annoying yet. I don't assume it will for at least a week."

The best line of the video for Weatherford was when Eli Manning jumps through a life-sized picture of telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell, and Peyton asks what would Bell think about someone watching football on their phone.

"Who cares?" Eli responds. "The dude is dead."

Eli Manning was amazed by the popularity of the music.

"I guess the song is a little catchy. A few guys going to the cafeteria line and they don't even know I am behind them and they are humming the song or the words," said Eli Manning, who said he hasn't been asked for a live performance. "If I hear, I say, 'I think it's got you.'

"That song gets stuck in your head all day. They are kind of just going around signing the song every once a while."

Cornerback Aaron Ross had just viewed the video and thought it was funny.

"That's classic Eli," Ross said. "He surprises you all the time, so it's classic Eli, Easy E."

Ross even admitted singing the tune walking into the locker room Wednesday.

"What is it? Get down on your phone?"

Well, it had something to do with a phone.

The good news for Jay Z and 50 Cent is that Eli isn't looking for another gig.

"No. I think I will stay with my day job and keep playing football for long as possible," he said. "A one and done. A one-hit wonder probably."

With the Denver Broncos scheduled to play a preseason game at San Francisco on Thursday, Peyton Manning was not available for comment on Wednesday.

Broncos executive vice president John Elway saw the video and enjoyed the Manning's performance.

"Great video," said Elway, who will pay Peyton Manning $17.5 million to guide Denver's offense this season. "But I will tell him today to stick to his day job."

Raul Ibanez Throw Fail: Mariners Outfielder Spikes Toss (VIDEO)

Already trailing 6-0, things didn't look good for the Mariners when Edwin Encarnacion came to bat for the Blue Jays in the seventh inning on Tuesday. They only looked worse after Raul Ibanez spiked this throw in left field.

Why did the NCAA remove the player search function from its online store?

So you want to buy some Johnny Manziel Texas A&M gear? It's not hard. Until Tuesday afternoon (when the NCAA removed the function), all you had to do is head to, type "Manziel" in the search bar and BOOM! you'd get this:

That image comes courtesy of ESPN's Jay Bilas, who took to Twitter to expose the hypocrisy that is the NCAA. Manziel can't profit off his name, but the NCAA sure can. They can also profit off Jadeveon Clowney, even if you spell it "Jadeavon Clowney":

Strangely enough, the NCAA removed the search function from its website shortly after Bilas pointed out this logical inconsistency. As always, the NCAA does what it pleases, and it doesn't owe you an explanation. Or, if you're an athlete, a cut of its revenue.
And just in case you thought they were profiting off generic wearers of the No. 2s and No. 7s, there's this:

Yes, the NCAA is selling "No Heisman Without The Man" shirts using Johnny Manziel's name in the description – link here, for as long as it lasts – but no Johnny Manziel can't make a buck off the sale of his own name and, indeed, could end up losing the rest of his college eligibility if reports are true that he were paid for signing autographs.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Don’t You Love It When MMA Fighters Get KO’d Right After Taunting Their Opponent? (Video)

Does anyone remember any time when an MMA fighter or boxer taunted an opponent in the ring and then won the fight? No.  I’m sure it’s happened, but such instances don’t really stick out in our memory. However, when a fighter taunts his opponent and then gets knocked out? Yep, those cases we remember.
The lesson, then, should be obvious. When it comes to taunting your opponent in the ring, octagon, cage or whatever, you have nothing to gain and everything to lose. So just fight the fight.
Of course, idiots don’t understand this, and I for one am very glad that they don’t. It’s a lot of fun making fun of them.
That brings me to some dude named Dave Bautista. At some small-time MMA event organized by JMC MMA in the Philippines, he took pre-fight taunting to new heights by pretending to dig a grave right there in the octagon and then pretending to drag his opponent, Reginaldo Cruz, into it.
Obviously, you know what happened next, right?
You guessed it. Dude got knocked the (shut your mouth) out.

Jadeveon Clowney Video: Watch South Carolina Star Flip Blocking Sled in Practice

It's officially safe to add "strong" to the list of adjectives used to describe South Carolina football star Jadeveon Clowney.
The Gamecocks junior defensive end showed zero rust in the team's first practice ahead of the upcoming season, using his superior power to flip over a blocking sled with the help of a teammate. The powerful display can be seen at the 0:23 mark of the above video, courtesy of Gamecocks Online.
In this particular drill, Clowney and fellow Rock Hill, S.C., native Gerald Dixon demonstrate the secret to getting past offensive linemen and sacking the quarterback, making it look very easy in this Vine.
One of the SEC's top-ranked teams heading into September, South Carolina will begin the 2013 season ranked No. 7 in the country, and Clowney is a big reason why.
The 20-year-old defender has terrorized the SEC over the past two seasons, recording eight sacks as a freshman in 2011 and 13 last year as a sophomore. Only Georgia linebacker Jarvis Jones recorded more sacks in 2012 (14.5) than Clowney.
After recording a team-high 23.5 tackles for a loss (ranked second in the nation in that category), picking up more than a dozen sacks, forcing three fumbles and breaking up two passes in 2012, expectations are sky-high for Clowney in 2013.
He's helped Steve Spurrier's Gamecocks to back-to-back 11-win seasons, but South Carolina has national championship aspirations in 2013. - source Bleacher Report

Bowler Denied Perfect 300 Game After Horrific Bowling Mishap ...

Professional bowler Troy Walker was participating in the 2013 Luci Bonneau Doubles Tournament in Houston, Texas. He rolled 11 consecutive strikes and on his 12th ball, the rake arm from the pinsetter blocked his ball from hitting the pins. What luck!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Cris Carter videobombs Warren Sapp

Cris Carter and Warren Sapp were enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend in Canton. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers great (who finished off his career with the Oakland Raiders) traced his journey from rural Florida to immortality while the former Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver delivered a memorable salvo to the Saturday evening ceremony. Sunday night, the pair were back in the spotlight during NBC's telecast of the annual Hall of Fame game. The Dallas Cowboys beat the Miami Dolphins 24-20 in an exhibition affair that featured more than its share of blunders — but the true winners were the viewers at home who got to see Carter videobomb Sapp. While Sapp was being interviewed by Michele Tafoya, Carter poked his head out from behind the former defensive tackle and made a series of odd facial expressions and mouthed, "C'mon man!" Tafoya even attempted to cut Carter's antics short. Alas, the guy known for catching touchdowns got the last laugh.