Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Royce White hopes his admitted fear of flying won’t cost him in the NBA draft

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Iowa State forward Royce White is projected to be a first-round pick in Thursday's NBA draft, but there have been concerns he could fall all the way into the second round in part over — of all things — a fear of flying.
Though White is rumored to have a guarantee that he won't fall below the Boston Celtics (who are working with the 21st and 22nd picks in the 2012 draft), a dip into the second round could mean suffering the disparity between signing a four-year deal guaranteed at around $6 million in total, or a non-guaranteed two-year deal with a starting salary of about a third of the probable $1.2 million White would make in his first year if he were selected by Boston.

White flew to many games this past season for Iowa State but drove to some contests with his grandfather, including games against Missouri and Kansas State, and the team's NCAA tournament contests in Louisville, Ky., over 600 miles away.
The fear of flying is part of a larger anxiety disorder for White, who has also admitted to struggling with obsessive compulsive disorder and uses medication to control both.

White led the Cyclones in five statistical categories last season and was a First Team All-Big 12 performer while displaying a charming personality. White has refused interviews leading up to the draft as many believe he has been promised a selection by the Boston Celtics at the No. 21 spot if he's still on the board. That means White could end up in the same frontcourt as future Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett on a team that was recently one game away from the NBA Finals.
So while White's anxiety disorder may cost him money in the short run, it ultimately could lead to an ideal landing spot.
And nothing sounds better for someone who hates flying.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Dolphins’ iPads to be used for playbooks, not Internet tomfoolery

If you're a member of the Miami Dolphins, and you're reading this website right now on your team-issued iPad, then stop it immediately, mister. Yes, we want your page views, but use your own computer. And for that matter, stop looking for pictures of Ryan Tannehill's wife. It's for your own good, Dolphins. If you are unable to resist Lauren Tannehill or Chris Chase or, it's going to cost you $10,000. That's the fine the Dolphins will issue to any miscreant who uses the iPad to look at "unauthorized websites." I trust that Chad Ochocinco has plenty of other devices to suit his unique web-surfing needs. Say what you want about the old gigantic binders that teams like the Dolphins used to use as playbooks ‒ sure, they're cumbersome, impractical, paper-wasting monstrosities ‒ but they never enabled anyone's habit for porn, Facebook, Twitter or any other Internet time-drain.
But the new technology is a price worth paying, says Davone Bess.
"It's convenient. Every day we were getting stacks and stacks of papers with the installs. Now they can just download them on the iPad and it's there — Bam!"
Added Reggie Bush:
"I love it. It makes it so much simpler, and obviously that's where technology has taken us nowadays. It's amazing, and I'm glad we got it."
It should also help Bush keep track of who Kim Kardashian is dating these days. That is, as long as TMZ isn't considered "unauthorized" by the Dolphins. Come on, guys. If you employ Reggie Bush, you've got to make certain allowances.
I'm excited for the first time a team accuses another team of having hacked into their digital playbook. That's going to be fun.

source: yahoosports

Saints’ Malcolm Jenkins gets beaten at his own camp by a high-schooler

It's really great of New Orleans Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins to host a football camp in New Jersey to help 200 kids learn football and have fun. It's free for all the kids, and Jenkins does it out of the goodness of his heart.
I'd hope you wouldn't think poorly of one of the campers if he humiliated Jenkins at his own camp.
As described by Roman Harper on Twitter (Harper, James Laurinaitis and Larry Fitzgerald were all in attendance, too), Jenkins ended up going one-on-one against a high school kid named Dajon Foat of Piscataway High School. Foat ran routes against Jenkins, best out of three, with the winner getting the cleats right off the other guy's feet.
According to Harper, on the first play, Jenkins knocked the ball down. Jenkins 1, Dajon 0. On the second play, the kid made a catch in the back of the end zone. Jenkins 1, Dajon 1. Here is the third and deciding play:

 Oooooh. BURNT. Dajon 2, Jenkins 1. Hand over those cleats, Malcolm.

How's that for a trophy for a high school football player? He can go home and put Malcolm Jenkins' cleats on his wall. Congratulations, young man.
Congratulations to Jenkins, too. Not only is he putting on the camp for everyone, but he's truly engaged in it (obviously), and out there making sure everyone has a good time. I believe one camper in particular will remember the camp a little more fondly than anyone else.