Friday, November 6, 2009

Valley's Leading Rusher is OK!!!!

Good news!! Hanna running back Enrique Saldaña does not have a concussion. He will practice tomorrow morning with the team. Hanna Head Coach Tom Chavez told me that a player on the Pace football team punched Saldaña's face under the pile during the 2ND quarter. Wow I remember those days. Most players usually went for my eyes. The game is set. Hanna will have the Rio Grande Valley's leading rusher on Friday. Edinburg High versus Hanna at Sam's Stadium in Brownsville. BE THERE!!!

San Benito does not lose but Harlingen is next!!!

So San Benito is back in the playoffs for the first time since 2007. Great performance by the Greyhounds defeating Rivera 48-21. This team improves every week. The date and time is set for next week. Battle of the Arroyo "The Postseason Addition" is next. Harlingen vs San Benito at Boggus Stadium on Friday. Harlingen's a different bread. I love San Benito but I really feel Harlingen has too many "CONSISTENT" weapons. When I used to play football one of my favorite quotes were "Play to the whistle and all out for 48 minutes." If I had to look that phrase up the team picture for Harlingen's football team will be there. It's a rematch!!! Harlingen whooped them once but will just beat them this time. Sorry Greyhounds but maybe this can be motivation to prove me wrong. It worked when I played.

San Benito Better Not Lose

San Benito against Brownsville Rivera tonight at Bobby Morrow Stadium. Winner will play in the 5A playoffs. Loser goes home and watches me on the news talk about other teams. If San Benito loses this game I will be shocked. San Benito defeated Los Fresnos and played a great game against Pace. Rivera has only three wins this entire season!!!! San Benito's 1st year Head Coach Spencer Gantt and I spoke this morning. Coach, "this game determines a great start to your career or the biggest disappointment in your career." Destiny is in your hands!!

T-rash Talk T-Shirts in Edinburg

I thought it was hilarious that the Edinburg North football team wanted to make City Championship T-Shirts. I'm laughing because the shirt will to show off how many times the cougars beat Edinburg High. The Edinburg North football team COULDN'T REMEMBER THE COUNT!!! Did Edinburg North really beat Edinburg High that many times that even Cougars Head Coach Roy Garza couldn't even remember. Ouch! I don't even know the total record. I'm curious for tonight's game. One friend of mine from Edinburg High already told me the T-Shirt idea has spread into the hallways of Bobcat City. Game time is tonight at 7:30 at Bobcat Stadium. I wonder if we should see some interesting signs or T-shirts during the game. Stay tuned......

Come to Play or don't play at all

I was a little bit concerned about the Los Fresnos Volleyball team after a close battle between Edinburg North on Tuesday. After the lady Cougars won game two the playoff light bulb went off on the Los Fresnos sideline. The Lady Falcons bounced back with a 3-1 win and a victory over McAllen Memorial last night. Los Fresnos didn't lose one game in district 32-5A. Maybe it was the easy competition but the Lady Falcons look like they were caught off guard in the first round of the playoffs. After defeating Memorial in five games it looks like Los Fresnos knows they need to play their best every game. Los Fresnos will play the winner of Saturday's McAllen Rowe/PSJA High game. Trust me Los Fresnos better be ready because either team is a huge threat.

Hanna's Cinderella Story (Male Version)

All I could do is smile watching from the sidelines as Hanna High School wins their first football district championship since 1969 when the school was call Brownsville High. I remember talking to Enrique Saldaña, running back for the Eagles, about winning a district title over the summer. Honestly I thought he was out of his mind. Week after week passed by and I became closer to Saldana and the Hanna football team. I was a witness to these boys in the brown and gold shocking the valley and proving the valley's preseason predictions wrong. I interviewed Angelo Quadalquivir and the first thing he said was "this was a blessing from GOD." For a school to only win 5 games in the last three years I believe Quadalquivir completely. Now the Hanna Eagles are 9-1 and district 32-5a champions. The bad news is Enrique Saldaña did suffer a possible concussion during their final district game. Enrique from a former running back to you a current r.b. do whatever you can to return. Your team didn't look the same without you. Playoffs now baby!!! That's where the men separate from the boys.


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