Thursday, July 5, 2012

Meet Mike Miles, the elementary school Allen Iverson

Everyone is always looking for the next big thing, with an emphasis on recruiting getting younger and younger. With eighth-graders now landing full scholarship offers at major Division I programs, it's only a matter of time before elementary schoolers are getting serious looks from colleges.
Well, some of those elementary schoolers have already learned how to gain national attention, playing at regional AAU-style tournaments. As is always the case, one among that crop of youngsters has emerged as a true phenom in his own right.
Meet a fourth-grader named Mike Miles. You probably haven't seen him before, but if his first highlight reel is any indication, this is almost certainly not the last time you'll be seeing his name.
Miles was first brought to prominence by BallisLife, the basketball highlight website which culls many of the best hoops clips from across the nation. They tripped across Miles, who goes by the nickname "Mike Mike," stars for a Texas Titans fourth-grade squad that recently earned a tournament title in Atlanta.
While the Titans have any number of impressive youngsters, none compare to Mike Mike, who cuts through opposing defenses with efficiency and flair, almost reminiscent of a pint-sized Allen Iverson. Miles can break down a foe in the open floor or drive the lane and look for a late dish. He clearly has impeccable court vision for any teenager, let alone a fourth-grader.

It's impossible to know whether Miles will grow enough — either physically or on the court — to eventually emerge as a true prep or collegiate star. Regardless of what happens in his future, he'll now always be memorialized as one heck of a showman on the court, even though he still spends his days in an elementary school classroom.

source: Yahoosports

Pitt signs a kicker with the unfortunate last name of ‘Blewitt’

There have been some great names for college football kickers — Britt Barefoot, Ryan Succop — and some tragic names — Kyle Brotzman — but Pittsburgh's newest recruit has to have the most unfortunate name in the college football kicking kingdom.
Chris Blewitt is a commit for the 2013 class and through no fault of his own becomes an easy target for opposing teams and perhaps his own fans if he misses a crucial kick.
However, Blewitt, who is from West Potomac High in Alexandria, Va., must be pretty good because he was offered a scholarship and that's rare for kickers.
Blewitt's story is actually kind of interesting. He never played football until high school and only joined the team because his friends were on it. He tried out for kicker because he was a soccer player. He earned his scholarship to Pitt after impressing coaches at a camp a couple weeks ago.
"They said I could do whatever I want, start my true freshman year and be their kicker," Blewitt told the Washington Post. "They really wanted me, they gave me everything I would have wanted. It didn't seem like anything else was matching up to them."
Blewitt made 10 field goals and 49 extra points last season.
Shockingly, Blewitt isn't the first kicker to have this surname. Thanks to a couple readers (Brad and Thomas), I've learned that Harvard had a kicker in 2000 and 2001 named Anders Blewett. And Blewett apparently knew the burden of the name all too well.
So, we here at the Doc wish Chris Blewitt the best of luck. Hopefully, he won't blow it (C'mon, you knew that was coming). source:

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fan Gives Advice On How To Beat Djokovic At Wimbledon

A fan gives Viktor Troicki advice on his serve, which surprisingly he uses to win a point against Novak Djokovic.

Monday, July 2, 2012

French runner shoves 14-year-old girl in mascot costume (VIDEO)

Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad celebrated his victory in the 3,000-meter steeplechase at the European Championships by shoving a 14-year-old girl in a mascot costume.
I saw this headline Monday morning and figured he accidentally ran into her or didn't see her or, at worst, lowered his shoulder into her while getting through a crowd of people. No athlete would shove a young girl like that in front of thousands of people and cameras. Nope. I thought too much of the Frenchman. He shoved her. With both hands. It's so uncalled for and vicious that it almost looks fake, like an outtake from a Sasha Baron Cohen movie.

The Age reports:
It was not the first time that Mekhissi-Benabbad had picked on a mascot. After winning the same race at the 2010 championships in Barcelona, he asked a mascot to kneel in front of him before he pushed it to the ground, according to Le 10 Sport.
That's the track equivalent of a gangland execution!
Meet organizers have taken note of the shove and there's a chance the Frenchman could be reprimanded for the action. Whatever it is, it's unlikely to accurately punish the crime.
Booing at an Olympics should be reserved for judges in diving, gymnastics and boxing. It's too great an event to have any athletic villains. We can make an exception for Mahiedine Mekhissi-Benabbad.

Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones tells rookies: I once blew $1 million in one weekend

Adam "Pacman" Jones' recent appearance at the 2012 Rookie Symposium was no doubt a stark object lesson to all NFL prospects about the simple fact that no matter how much you've got in life, it can all go away pretty quickly if you're not careful. Jones, the former first-round pick of the Tennessee Titans, was recently ruled to owe $11 million for the victim of a 2007 shooting at a strip club in Las Vegas. Jones was put on the hook for his involvement in the incident, which left one man paralyzed from the waist down.
<br />
Of course, Jones' off-field history is no secret and when he spoke on the Rookie Symposium panel last week, he related that he "made it rain" more than once in his life -- and more than once, the bill was ridiculous when all was said and done. Former Stanford and current Indianapolis Colts rookie tight end Coby Fleener, guest-writing for Peter King in King's Monday Morning Quarterback column for, broke the news. Fleener was in the audience, watching the panel of Jones and Terrell Owens, moderated by Ross Tucker.
The entire Fleener column is a great read, but what Fleener had to say about Jones' talk really stood out.
"Jones contacted the NFL and asked to be at the symposium to share what he had learned with the rookies," Fleener wrote. "Jones said there will not be another 'Pacman' in the NFL, and credited [NFL Commissioner Roger] Goodell for having changed him as a person. Jones understood that he put himself in a position to be suspended. Jones regretfully recounted spending $1 million in one weekend!
"To which Owens looked at him, smiling, and said, 'Man, you crazy!'"
And when Terrell Owens calls you "crazy," you know there's probably something to it. We're not sure, based on Fleener's report, just what Jones spent all that money on so quickly. Based on his history, there are some pretty easy guesses.
"What you do on the field, what you do off the field, it's all a reflection of you," a more reflective Jones said in mid-June. "Going to the club here, going to the club there. Having 100 people with you. Checking your advisers, your accountants. Just basic stuff."
By the way, that cool million Pacman Jones blew in a weekend? That's more than Adam Jones, which is how he'd like to be known from now on, could possibly make in 2012. Now with the Cincinnati Bengals, Jones signed a one-year deal in March that will top him out at $950,000, including a $250,000 bonus.
One assumes Jones will be much more careful with this money.