Friday, May 25, 2012

Kyrie Irving's 'Uncle Drew' Video A Hit

 It was a genius move the day that Pepsi decided to suit up the Cleveland Cavaliers' Kyrie Irving as "Uncle Drew" and take him down to a city basketball court. The hoopsters really had no idea the old uncle was really a star to begin the night. A staggering 2 million people have watched the video on YouTube in the last four days.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Today In Unfortunate Newspaper Typos: "Series Sh**s To Boston"

                                 Today In Unfortunate Newspaper Typos: "Series Sh**s To Boston"

Most of our favorite newspaper errors are due to dummy text, the practice of typing in a bunch of gibberish to see how it'll look in the space allotted. They're funny, but they also require a complex series of missteps. That's why this unfortunate mistake, from Saturday's Register Citizen in Northwest Connecticut, is wonderful: it's a pure typo. Someone missed an "f." Just that simple. A copy editor missed it too, perhaps because the first instinct is to scan the dense copy, not the prominent subhead. And apparently everyone else missed the "shits," for four days.

source: Deadspin

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Flexin" With the Celtics

I'm waiting for a Celtics playoff song to come out with "Flexin" as the official dance move!


Wes Welker signs his franchise tender with the New England Patriots but they also sign sixth-round draft choice DB Nate Ebner. If you didn't know who Ebner was during draft day you're not alone. So after watching rookie mini camp I decided to "Google" Nate Ebner. He was a world-class Rugby player, who originally joined Ohio State as a walk-on in 2009. Last season, he played in all 12 games and was the teams outstanding special teams player. With that I decided to look even deeper and found out that Ebner's Dad, another outstanding rugby player, was killed in a robbery gone wrong. His father always told Nate growing up to "Finish Strong" words Ebner and the Ohio State football team later wore on their wristbands. I'm curious to see how the Patriots use Nate Ebner but his Ruby highlights are "2 legit to quit." Lets just hope he doesn't carry a football ruby style. #breadbasket 

Monday, May 21, 2012

ESPN's Rob Parker & Darren Haynes on Celtics 76ers game 5

I had a little chat with Rob Parker from ESPN about game 5 between the Celtics and 76ers. Good points were made but in the end my decision to go with Boston was the correct one!
"Sorry Rob" 

The Celtics take a 3-2 series lead defeating the 76ers 101-85. Game six is back in Philly on Wednesday and I'm a little nervous about this one. I will need to check up on Avery Bradely's shoulder injury and Ray Allen ankle. Allen seemed to tweak his ankle in game 5. The question is how will Allen's ankle feel in the morning? Paul Pierce says he likes the quick turnaround but the Celtics really could use a few days off. I can almost guarantee Doc Rivers cancels practice and only watches film on Tuesday.