Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Alabama fan leaves ‘Roll Tide’ tip to Auburn server

The pockets of an Auburn fan/waiter are a little lighter this week after inadvertently bragging about the Tigers’ win to an Alabama fan whom he was serving.
 The Alabama fan, who paid with a prepaid card, left a classy tip that read: “Roll Tide” in the tip line and a note that read: “Don’t talk about being proud of Auburn to an Alabama fan. There’s your tip.”
Never let being a good consumer get in the way of your rivalry, folks.

Two Reliant Stadium security guards fired for taking pictures with Tom Brady!!!!

Two security guards working Sunday's Patriots-Texans game at Reliant Stadium say they were fired after taking a picture with quarterback Tom Brady following New England's 34-31 victory.
“When you are at your post and you're doing your job, you're not supposed to take pictures with anybody because your job is to secure that area,” Joel Williams told KHOU.com on Monday.
“I said, ‘Hey Tom Brady, good job, good game man.' He looked at me and smiled,” Williams said. “He was very polite, very nice guy, humble. Sometimes I see players and say hello, and they just keep walking.”
Brady and Williams took a photo together and that's when things took a turn for the worst.
“Immediately after I took the picture, I got ran down by a supervisor,” Williams said. “They didn't' really give a reason, they said you know you're wrong and you're fired."
Williams' co-worker, Christopher Moore, also took a photo with the Patriots' quarterback. And he too was fired.
“What they say and what they practice are two different things,” Moore said. “What we see on a daily basis, whether it be Reliant or CSC employees, is them taking picture and asking for autographs from players.”
CSC, which stands for Contemporary Services Corporation, issued this statement to KHOU.com:
“It is strictly against CSC policy for its employees to request photos or autographs from players. CSC stands by its decision to terminate the two employees who violated this policy.”
For his part, Williams says he didn't break any rules because he had finished his shift.
It's just too bad no one talked to Tonestradamus about how this would all play out. He could have warned them ahead of time and saved their jobs.

Saints' Night in Seattle Gets Worse!!!

 The New Orleans Saints are headed back home, after being grounded overnight in Washington state.
A problem with the team plane left the Saints sleeping in Seattle for an additional night. Specific details on the problem with the aircraft were not known at this time.
 The team is now due back in NOLA to begin preparations for next Sunday's game with Carolina.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

MUST SEE VIDEO: Pacquiao trainer in fight with Rios camp before weekend bout

A scuffle broke out between Manny Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, and members of Brandon Rios’s team at a workout in Macau, China on Tuesday. During the expletive-filled confrontation, Alex Ariza, Pacquiao’s former strength coach who has clashed with Roach in the past, kicked Roach in the chest and can be heard on video mocking the symptoms of Roach’s Parkinson’s disease.
Tensions boiled over around 11 am, when Roach arrived at the gym to prepare for Pacquiao’s workout. Rios and his team–including Ariza and trainer Robert Garcia–were finishing up. Roach approached Rios’s team aggressively and ordered them out of the gym. Garcia said his team was delayed by interviews and said “I ain’t going nowhere.” Roach and Ariza then started getting into it. Roach cursed at Ariza. Ariza began purposefully slurring his speech. When Roach moved towards Ariza, Ariza responded by kicking Roach in the chest.

After a few minutes, Roach was escorted into an adjacent room.
Several media outlets — including HBO and ESPN — witnessed and recorded the altercation.
 Ariza claimed that during the confrontation Roach used racial and religious slurs. However, cameras picked up Ariza making derogatory comments about Roach’s Parkinson’s disease –a degenerative condition Roach has suffered from for years — including calling Roach a “stuttering prick.”
The relationship between Ariza and Roach has been a tense one for years. As Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning coach for five years, Ariza was a key member of Pacquiao’s camp for signature wins over Miguel Cotto, Ricky Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya. But Roach often felt that Ariza was stepping outside of his role and trying to take over control of Pacquiao’s camps. Last August, Roach fired Ariza, a decision Pacquiao supported.
In turn, Ariza began working with Rios, who will face Pacquiao in a welterweight fight on Saturday night (HBO PPV, 9 pm).
There is bad blood between Roach and Rios and Garcia, too. In 2010, Rios and Antonio Margarito were caught on video mocking Roach’s tremors. The video also showed Garcia, who trained both fighters, laughing. Rios, Garcia and Margarito apologized, and while Roach accepted the apology, those close to him maintain that he has never let it go.

At least Roach and I get along!!!

Tony Picard, 400-pound high school running back, a sight to behold!!!!!!!!

 A tiny Washington high school is home to perhaps the largest running back anywhere in the country -- amateur or professional.
At 400 pounds, Tony Picard racked up 576 yards rushing and seven touchdowns this year at White Swan High School. The Yakima Herald-Republic reports that his coach put Picard at running back because he was so athletic for his size. Many NFL running backs weigh half as much as Picard.
Current NFL rushing leader LeSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles weighs in at 208 pounds. Picard's size also rivals some of the largest NFL linemen around.
Picard hasn't been the featured running back at White Swan, a school of less than 300 students. Smaller, quicker players have typically led the running game while Picard has been a reliable short-yardage back.
This year, he averaged nearly 6 yards per carry.
Video of Picard's rumbling runs has drawn more than 2 million views on YouTube. The clips show the 17-year-old plowing through defenders while also showing swiftness on his feet. Picard hopes to go on to play college football.
"You'll see the other team just kind of looking at him when they're shaking hands, like, 'Oh my gosh, do I really have to tackle this guy?'" Picard's coach, Andy Bush, told ABC's "Good Morning America."
Picard didn't draw much outside attention in the last few years as he helped his team to the playoffs three seasons in a row. That began to change this year when a photograph of Picard showed the running back ready to trample a defender who looked about one-third his body weight.
"It takes multiple guys to take me down, four or five," Picard told "Good Morning America." ''I kind of take advantage of being this size."
Picard also plays varsity basketball.

Chi-Chi Rodriguez hit himself in the "YOU KNOW WHAT" with a ball during ‘Big Break’ cameo

One of the coolest golf tricks anyone ever pulled off was done by Chi-Chi Rodriguez. The now 78-year-old golfer would set up two golf balls next to each other, take a full swing with the first one and hit a nice cut, then as quick as Usain Bolt is off the blocks, Rodriguez would twirl around and hit the other ball, this time with a hook, and every so often the balls would collide in mid-air.
I bet Rodriguez's leg wishes he was trying that trick when he made a cameo on The Golf Channel's "Big Break." Rodriguez was on to try the "shattered glass" challenge, and as his ball barely missed the glass, it hit something solid and came screaming back at him, nailing him in the leg and causing the cast of the show to make sure the golf legend was alright.
Chi-Chi appeared to be okay, but it was a scary situation for a moment and it poses the question that I first wondered when watching this video - is it appropriate to yell "FORE!" when you're about to get hit by your own ball?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Georgetown Basketball Player Attempts to Block Shot by Throwing Her Shoe

A freshman forward on the Georgetown women's basketball team found a creative way to attempt to block a shot during the Hoyas' season-opening victory over Richmond a few days ago.
Shayla Cooper threw her shoe at it.
When Cooper lost her footing and and lost her left shoe in the process, it allowed the Richmond player she was guarding to float behind the arc and spot up for a wide-open right-wing 3-pointer. Cooper had no chance of getting out to contest the shot, so she instead flung the shoe up in the air in an unsuccessful attempt to knock the ball down as it sailed toward the hoop.

Incredibly, referees did not spot Cooper's ploy, which is fortunate for Georgetown since she probably would have been assessed a technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct had she been caught. Nonetheless, the play will be part of blooper reels for a while as it made SportsCenter's 'Not Top 10' segment and will surely spread on social media.
Cooper had an otherwise brilliant debut in the Hoyas' 82-78 win. The 6-foot-2 Georgia native had 17 points, seven rebounds and five assists in her first college game.

(VIDEO) Rob Gronkowski Mocks Asian Fan -- Where's the Fried Rice?

 Maybe New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski hasn't heard what's going on with Richie Incognito -- because he openly mocked an Asian fan over the weekend, calling the guy "Leslie Chow" ... and joking about fried rice.

Gronk was hosting a Q&A with fans in Foxborough, MA Sunday night at Bar Louie Restaurant when people started dancing ... including an Asian man sporting a Gronk jersey.

The Pats star acted surprised, and said -- into a microphone for everyone to hear -- "They told me he could only cook fried rice!" Then Gronk one upped himself by calling the fan "Leslie Chow" ... Ken Jeong's character from "The Hangover."

At least one person in the group thought Gronk might have crossed a line -- because they immediately grabbed the mic and reminded the audience they all signed waivers agreeing to hand over ALL cell phone footage.

It's unclear if that was just a joke, but clearly this video survived -- and now we gotta ask ...

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston investigated for sexual battery

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is the subject of a sexual battery complaint, according to the Tallahassee Police Department.
The Tallahassee Democrat is reporting that on Dec. 7, 2012, a woman claims an assailant “between 5-foot-9 and 5-foot-11 tall and 240 pounds” sexually assaulted her.
Winston, who is listed as 6-foot-4, 218 pounds in the Florida State media guide, is not named in the heavily redacted police report and neither police nor prosecutors have interviewed him regarding the incident.
Tallahassee attorney Tim Jansen, who is representing Winston, denied the allegations.
“This case has been going on for over a year. The case was basically closed and we’re not sure why it’s opened up," Jansen told the Tallahassee Democrat. "We’ve been cooperating with the law enforcement agencies and we’re hoping to get a quick resolution in favor of Mr. Winston.”
Officer David Northway, spokesman for the Tallahassee Police Department, told the paper the case was active and open.

According to the police report, the victim said the incident occurred at an apartment in an undisclosed location between 1:30 a.m. and 2 a.m. The victim said alcohol was involved. Evidence was collected off the victim’s body and pictures were taken of her injuries.
Winston addressed the media Wednesday evening, but only in a football capacity. The freshman has led Florida State to a 9-0 season and is considered the frontrunner for the Heisman Trophy.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

WATCH: Harlem Globetrotter William 'Bull' Bullard nearly crushed by backboard!!!!!

Harlem Globetrotters fans in Honduras witnessed a scary moment when the hoop crashed on top of Bull Bullard during the team’s current tour of Central America.  Bull is okay and walked off under his own power – riling up the crowd in true ‘Bull fashion.’ Watch the video below!!!
Bull and the Globetrotters return to the United States in time for their North American tour, which begins on Dec. 26. 
Bull’s impressive athleticism launched him to the Las Vegas finals of the popular television show “American Ninja Warrior” in 2012.  The New York Jets also invited him to their rookie camp in 2008, even though Bull has never played football.  Bull also appeared on “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition,” “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s,” and “Man v. Food Nation.”

Monday, November 11, 2013

Audio: Listen to rant that led to Ron English’s firing at Eastern Michigan

In the middle of Ron English's fifth season as football coach at Eastern Michigan, his record was 11-46. So it seems accurate to characterize a recording of a profane tirade against his players as more of an accelerant to his firing than a catalyst.
But still, there is this recording, obtained (and censored) by the Detroit News . . .
That’s English verbally undressing his team, most likely unaware he was being recorded. There is plenty of profanity in there, with English blasting his players for, among other things, a lack of self-respect, personal responsibility and discipline.
Some highlights:
”How did so many young guys go bad, go to s---. This is s--- football."

”I respect football players. You ain’t no football players.”
”You have no respect for yourself.”
”You a little b---h.”
The Detroit News, which bleeped out words it considered offensive, reported: “It also sounds like English used a derogatory word for gay. There was much more that was said that is not suitable for publication.”
 In an interview with the Associated Press Saturday, English apologized for what his former boss, athletic director Heather Lyke, described as “absolutely unacceptable” behavior on the ex-coach’s part.
“As a man who has coached 21 years, obviously, on this occasion and particular meeting, I lost my poise, got upset and used language that was inappropriate, particularly as it pertains to homosexual slurs. I regret that,” English was quoted as saying during a phone conversation with the AP. “I apologize to the university for putting it in this position and tarnishing its reputation.
“I look forward to continuing a career that has been marked by molding men of integrity, passion, and intensity for 21 years.”
Coaches have never been known for their careful verbiage or calm demeanors, but that rarely seems to be a problem when the team has a winning record.

VIDEO: Ole! As Felipe sticks potential basketball shot of the year!!!!

We've all seen a breathtaking, amazing, halfcourt-or-further shot before, but check this one out from the Spanish league and Real Madrid captain Felipe Reyes.
"Truthfully, I don't even believe it myself," Reyes said of the shot on halftime. "It happens once in a lifetime. It was a good basket; a lucky basket that we've already celebrated. I'm thrilled with the great shot I made".
It may be the shot of the year because, unlike a lot of other "hope' shots, it definitely looked as if Reyes wasn't hoping as much as trying for this memorable three-pointer.

Jerry Jones admits some regret in firing defensive coordinator Rob Ryan

The Dallas Cowboys fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan after last season, and Ryan gave the famous quote that he would be out of work "for like five minutes."
His bravado was correct. The Saints hired him shortly after he was fired and Ryan has completely turned around a New Orleans defense that ranked dead last in the league last year. Who has taken the Saints' spot at the 32nd ranked defense in the NFL? Yep, the Dallas Cowboys.
That might get a man like Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to thinking, especially after seeing his defense give up 40 first downs (!!!) to the Saints on Sunday night.

"We thought it was best for us to go in the direction that we are, and it doesn't look good right now," Jones
Oh, you think so, doctor?
The Cowboys replaced Ryan with 73-year-old Monte Kiffin, who was coming off a failure at USC. Kiffin is one of the titans of the game among assistant coaches, but he doesn't seem to be the right fit in Dallas. The Cowboys broke an NFL record by allowing four 400-yard games by quarterbacks in a season, and broke that record in their eighth game. Drew Brees took it easy on them Sunday night and threw for just 392 yards.
"Hopefully we can make it look good, but I have all the feelings that you have when you want to look back at a decision, and I realize when some of them work you have to have a few things go along with it," Jones continued about the decision to fire Ryan.
The Cowboys have dealt with a lot of defensive injuries, and suffered another tough one Sunday night when linebacker Sean Lee hurt his hamstring. The defense won't get much better as long Lee is out.
Jones has made a few poor decisions as Cowboys owner (and, to be fair, some good ones too). Every week that his defense gives up a ton of yards and points in front of him, and perhaps blows the team's chances of winning the NFC East, he'll be reminded of one of his biggest recent errors.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Redskins Name Change!!!! Where There's Smoke ...

TMZ: Something curious/suspicious is going on with the Washington Redskins ... there's evidence the owner might be caving to pressure to change the name.

Here's what we know.  Redskins owner Dan Snyder lives in Potomac, Maryland, a few doors down from a very rich dude, Aris Mardirossian. Aris, a wealthy patent investor, registered the name, WASHINGTON BRAVEHEARTS on October 17th.   According to the Trademark application, obtained by TMZSports, Aris plans to use the name for "Entertainment in the nature of football games."

Aris also created a company called Washington Brave Hearts, LLC on the same day -- Oct. 17th.  We've also obtained the LLC docs but there are no specifics.

As for the relationship between Aris and Dan, we're told the 2 of them formed a united front on their block a few years back -- both men wanted to cut down trees on their lots but they were being blocked by the county. 

Also, we found out both Snyder and Mardirossian attended the University of Maryland ... just at different times.

With all the hubbub over the Redskins name, it's more than curious that a man who has nothing to do with football would suddenly register the name of a football team that would solve his neighbor's problem.

We've made numerous calls to everyone involved, and almost everyone who spoke to us was tight-lipped and would not broach the subject.  Aris flat out hung up on us.  As for the Redskins, we've made multiple calls but so far, no word back.

Visit Fishwrapper: http://www.fishwrapper.com

Monday, October 14, 2013

(VIDEO) Two referees arrested after alleged threats in Louisiana Football Game!!!

Fans, players and coaches get thrown out of games every now and then, but have you ever seen referees get tossed? That's what happened at a high school football game in Covington, La. on Friday night. But before the refs got themselves thrown out, one tried to throw a cop out, according to a report by WWL-TV. Police told WWL-TV that two referees were arrested and charged with public intimidation at the Mandeville vs. St. Paul's game. The incident was reportedly sparked by an argument between the refs and chain crew on the sideline during the third quarter. WWL-TV says one of the referees tried to throw a police officer out of the game after an argument over crowd control escalated. The two referees were then escorted off the field. The dispute caused a 25-minute delay in the game. Seems like the cops vs. refs was the more entertaining matchup of the night. But in case you were wondering, St. Paul's won 20-3.

Here's video of the arrest!!!!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Quadruple Amputee Teen Happy To Play Soccer!

Jorge Dyksen, 16, is arguably the hardest worker on his Manchester Regional High School junior varsity soccer team despite losing his legs and arms at an early age. The quadruple amputee refuses to feel sorry for himself and displays tremendous work ethic so that everyone knows his condition is not a handicap, but an obstacle he’s left far behind.
"Whenever the team is down for any reason, he pumps them back up, everyone wants to work at the same level he's working at," Jorge’s assistant coach, Daniel Sanchez, told ABC News. "Jorge is not only a great teammate but a great friend, definitely a team player — what every coach wants."
When Jorge was just 14 months old, deadly bacteria made their way through his body, restricting circulation to his finger and toes. In order to save his life, doctors in his native country, Panama, were forced to amputate below his knees and elbows.
Following his life-saving operation, Jorge’s family in Panama was left with an enormous hospital bill and more to come if he was going to receive the prosthetic legs that he needed to walk. His family’s prayers were answered in the form of Healing the Children, a New Jersey-based non-profit that provides medical funding for children in impoverished countries.
Through Healing the Children, Jorge lived with his host family, John and Faye Dyksen, for nine months and then went back to Panama during the summer. As Jorge’s condition improved, so did his bond with the Dyksen family. In Sept. 2012, he was officially adopted by John and Faye.

"We were all pretty nervous about it," Faye told ABC News. "When we went to the airport .... all the fears just went away. It was kind of like love at first sight."
Today, Jorge has just one more obstacle to get around: scoring his first goal. Sporting new prosthetic legs with silicone padding that takes the pain out of running, he is working harder than ever to achieve his goal.
"I just feel like a normal person because everyone treats me like it. I just keep going on and doing what I want to do," Jorge told ABC News. "I always tell people, 'Never give up.' Look, I have no arms and no feet and I can do everything without them. I can still kick a soccer ball, hit a baseball, type and even text."

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NFL says it'll meet with tribe about Redskins name

The NFL is prepared to meet with an Indian tribe pushing for the Washington Redskins to drop the team's nickname. Just not this week.
As league owners gathered Monday in the nation's capital for their fall meetings, the Oneida Indian Nation held a symposium across town to promote their "Change the Mascot" campaign. Oneida representative Ray Halbritter said the NFL was invited to attend.
Instead, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said, a meeting has been scheduled for next month — and could happen sooner.
"We respect that people have differing views," McCarthy said. "It is important that we listen to all perspectives."
He said the Redskins name is not on the agenda for the owners' meetings. Redskins owner Dan Snyder has vowed to keep the name, and an AP-GfK poll conducted in April found that nearly 4 in 5 Americans don't think the team should change its name.
It's a topic generating discussion lately, though. President Barack Obama said in an interview with The Associated Press last week that he would "think about changing" the team's name if he were the owner.
Halbritter called that statement "nothing less than historic" and said the team's nickname is "a divisive epithet ... and an outdated sign of division and hate."
Addressing the NFL, Halbritter said: "It is hypocritical to say you're America's pastime but not represent the ideals of America."
U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum, D-Minn., said the league and team are "promoting a racial slur" and "this issue is not going away.
For years, a group of American Indians has tried to block the team from having federal trademark protection, and Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, the District of Columbia's envoy to Congress, predicted Monday that effort eventually will succeed.
"This name is going to go into the dustbin of history," she said.
Lanny Davis, a lawyer who said he's been advising Snyder on the name issue for "at least several months," said in a telephone interview after the symposium: "The Washington Redskins support people's feelings, but the overwhelming data is that Native Americans are not offended and only a small minority are."
Davis also said the campaign is "showing selective attention" by focusing on the Redskins and not teams such as the NFL's Kansas City Chiefs, NHL's Chicago Blackhawks, or Major League Baseball's Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves.
Earlier, Halbritter was asked about those other nicknames.
"The name of Washington's team is a dictionary-defined, offensive racial epithet. Those other names aren't," Halbritter said. "But there is a broader discussion to be had about using mascots generally."

Players for the Redskins have remained mostly silent on the topic, including star quarterback Robert Griffin III, who recently called the debate "something way above my understanding."
Some players approached in the locker room Monday avoided addressing the subject altogether.
"It's really tough. And I mean this sincerely: I get both sides of the argument," guard Chris Chester said. "I see how it can offend some people, but I feel like the context that this organization has, there's no negative connotation. You wouldn't name your team something you didn't have respect for. At least I wouldn't. I mean, I understand, too, that it offends some people, so I sympathize with both sides."
AP Sports Writer Joseph White in Ashburn, Va., contributed to this report.

NFL reveals flashy new Pro Bowl uniforms

The NFL’s Pro Bowl format won’t be the only thing getting an overhaul this year. The league revealed the new Nike uniform designs that each team will be wearing in their annual all-star game, which takes place January 26 at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu.

Replacing it will be a Pro Bowl draft with the two leading vote-getters as team captains. Each captain (with help from alumni captains Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders and two NFL.com fantasy football champions) will pick from a pool determined by votes of players, coaches and fans.
In an August interview, Rice expressed doubts that the changes would make a difference in the game’s survival.
“You’ve got prima donnas, egocentrics, who act like it’s not an honor,” Rice told USA TODAY Sports. “Plus, they’re thinking, ‘Why should I go and jeopardize what I’m doing?’ But it should be for the fans.
“How can you get the players to recognize that it’s an honor? You’ve got to play your best football in the Pro Bowl. So the spirit of this needs to be changed. I’m not sure that can be accomplished now.”
While the caliber of play may not be flashy, at least the outfits will be. The “Nike NFL Elite 51″ uniforms resemble ones the company has designed for college programs such as Oregon, Baylor and West Virginia.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Michael Jordan says he could beat LeBron 1-on-1 in his prime, but not Kobe, because ‘he steals all my moves’

NBA legend Michael Jordan believes he could beat LeBron James in a one-on-one basketball game when he was in his prime. He's not sure about Kobe Bryant.
In a video promoting the NBA 2K14 video game that is being released today, Jordan said there's a long list of players he would've liked to have played one-on-one — Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Julius Erving, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Bryant and James, who dons the cover of this year's game.
"I don't think I would lose," Jordan said in the video, before smiling and adding, "Other than to Kobe Bryant because he steals all of my moves."
Jordan, a six-time NBA champion and considered by many the greatest basketball player ever, has had a sponsorship deal with 2K Sports since 2011, when he first appeared on the cover of the popular game.
The 50-year-old Jordan, who was a five-time league MVP, also shared the cover in 2012 with Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.
This year will be the first time on the cover for James, a four-time league MVP who has led the Miami Heat to back-to-back NBA championships.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Louisville’s Kevin Ware Is Dunking Again, 6 Months After Horrific Injury

Basketball fans and non-fans alike have been following Louisville Cardinals player Kevin Ware's inspiring recovery since he suffered a horrific leg injury in March. After the junior guard suffered a compound fracture during the 2013 NCAA Tournament, few expected he would have a chance to play again. But back in April, Ware told TODAY: “I’ll be back starting next season.’’
And now, just six months later, he's dunking.
On Monday, teammate Chris Jones posted a video to his Instagram account showing Ware dunking during a practice session with other Louisville players. Adding to speculation about Ware's return, Louisville athletic director for media relations Kenny Klein tweeted last week that Ware's X-rays showed that he is expected to return to basketball activities next month.
Here's a look at Ware's injury during the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

Stop what you’re doing and watch this Porsche wreck right now!!!!

Wow. This is one heck of a wreck, featuring driver Harry Kleinjan absolutely trashing a Porsche 964. Best part of this is the pyramid effect, how it gets better and better with every passing second:
• The tires smoking as the driver realizes what's about to happen.
• The car hits the barrier.
• The tires rip off.
• The car vaults over the barrier.
• The car flips.
• The car ends up roof-first in the canal.
• The bro on the bank who stops texting only for a moment, then returns to texting.
As the YouTube comments tell us, "Heftige crash van Harry Kleinjan met de Porsche op kp4 van de short rally tijdens de Hellendoorn rally, Rijder en navigator kwamen er ongeschonden vanaf." I have absolutely no idea what that means, but then, the video's pretty self-explanatory, right?
Apparently the throttle stuck, causing the accident. Amazingly, neither Kleinjan nor his navigator, Bart den Hartog, were hurt. You can actually see Kleinjan moving in the video below.

Russell Wilson’s sister might be an even better athlete than the NFL QB

When it comes to NFL sensations, it's hard to get hotter than Russell Wilson. The Seahawks quarterback can do almost nothing wrong amidst a rapid rise that has seen him unseat a highly compensated free agent as a lowly drafted rookie, led the Seahawks to the NFC division playoffs and, now, to the top of the NFC West and most NFL power rankings.
There's no doubt that Wilson deserves a significant amount of the praise for Seattle's rise, and his athleticism has been a major shot in the arm for Pete Carroll's offense. Wilson has been an athletic star behind center at the highest levels since arriving at North Carolina State, eventually leading Wisconsin to a BCS game and now starring in the NFL. What's more incredible is that he might not even be the best athlete among his siblings.
Just ask Wilson himself:
"I truly believe that [sister Anna Wilson] will be an All-American point guard at some big university and go on to be a Candace Parker – a superstar-type basketball player," Russell Wilson told ESPNW.
As reported by MaxPreps, Wilson's younger sister, Collegiate High (Richmond, Va.) star Anna Wilson, is one of the nation's top basketball prospects in the Class of 2016. Despite having just two years of varsity basketball under her belt (she also competed for Collegiate as an eighth grader), the younger Wilson has already been invited to compete for a spot on the USA Under-16 girls basketball squad. During her freshman season Wilson was arguably the most impactful player in the larger Richmond area, averaging a remarkable full stat line of 16.5 points-per-game, 6 rebounds, 5 steals and 6 assists.
Those assists are as notable as anything else, because the younger Wilson truly shines in the same way that her brother does: as a dynamic playmaker who can make the most out of situations that even seem like a dead end.
There are still many hurdles ahead for Anna Wilson, but one thing is certain: She has her family behind her, and has all the talent and pedigree she needs to be a major player at the highest level.
"It's like my dad always told me: Don't be afraid to excel," Russell Wilson told ESPNW . "And she's not at all. She's reaching for the stars, and she'll touch them and keep going."

College Team So Bad School Willing To Pay Fans

New Mexico State is now offering students cash incentives to attend – and stay at - games.
According to the Las Cruces Sun-News, attendance has been so bad at New Mexico State home games, that university president Garrey Carruthers and members of the community are offering prizes of $2,000 and $250 and a VIP parking pass to student who are still at Saturday’s game against San Diego State in the fourth quarter.
The winner of the $2,000 will be selected from all main campus NMSU students who are taking at least one credit at the school. If the student is there during the fourth quarter, he or she will collect the reward. If not, the prize money will be saved for the next game.
The winners of the $250 and the coveted black parking pass, which allows the driver to park in any lot on campus, will be chosen from the students who are at the game and stay until the fourth quarter.
In two home games this season, the Aggies are averaging 8,696 total fans. The Aggies have lost 15 consecutive games and have been outscored 201-62 this season.
And things probably won’t get better.
Since the Aggies decided to go Independent after the WAC dissolved, the schedule isn’t packed with many winnable games.
Here's my question: If a school that can barely fill a stadium has enough money to pay their students, these bigger schools should have plenty of money to pay their athletes at least something??? Just saying...

Floyd Mayweather may replace Bieber!!??

Mayweather: 'I Want Miley For Next Ring Walk' 

Floyd Mayweather has become one of the most prominent athletes in the world not only because of his undeniable boxing skill but also because he is an unbelievable self-promoter. In other words, he knows a thing or two about showmanship.
For several of his most recent fights, including his Sept. 14 bout against Canelo Alvarez and his May 2012 fight against Miguel Cotto, Mayweather had pop superstars Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne escort him to the ring. So how can he top that dynamic duo?
With the one and only "Twerk Queen."
In an interview with Billboard, Mayweather says he would like Miley Cyrus to walk him to the ring for his next fight.
"I was thinking about letting the twerk queen Miley Cyrus bring me out, why not?," Mayweather said.
That would be quite the spectacle.
Cyrus, of course, made headlines for her "twerk-heard-round-the-world" at the VMAs. Her dance, and the ensuing controversy, have propelled her to the center of America's pop culture stage. So in that sense Cyrus seems like a good fit for the role.
In explaining why he chose Bieber to walk him out, Mayweather said he is looking for people who are at the top of their profession.
"When you're the best, you only want to surround yourself with the best," Mayweather said. "He's an exceptional artist. He's the future."


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Anderson's call on the field? "False start: Everybody but the center."

The Eagles' type of night was put in a nutshell during this play in the 4th quarter of last night's game against the Chiefs.
The team had a difficult night with penalties and turnovers throughout the first three quarters and it didn't stop there. In this video, The referee calls four out of five Eagles offensive lineman offsides in one play.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Troy Polamalu Is Cutting His Hair For Charity

The most famous locks in the NFL are getting a trim.
Troy Polamalu, whose long, luscious hair has made him one of the most recognizable athletes in the country, announced Thursday that he would be getting a haircut on Veteran's Day in solidarity with the Veterans of Foreign Wars' "Mane Event." Held on Nov. 11, the "Mane Event" will raise money and awareness for veterans who are returning home from overseas.
This was surely no easy decision for Polamalu, who keeps his hair long as a tribute to his Samoan heritage. In the past he's said he wouldn't shave his head if it meant a Super Bowl win for the Steelers. The six-time Pro Bowler hasn't gotten a haircut in more than a decade, and his mane is nearly three feet long.
Polamalu's locks have even been insured for $1 million.
Here's what the 32-year-old posted on Facebook, which includes a YouTube clip with more information on the project.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Barbie Thomas: Be Inspired By Armless Body Builder’s Story [Video]

Barbie Thomas is a one of a kind, she is an armless body builder who has inspired the fitness world with her determination. When she was only 2-years-old, she was playing outside her apartment complex, when she decided to climb a transformer by grabbing on the the wires. The electric current charred her little arms and they had to be amputated from shoulder level. In the bio on her website, Fitness Unarmed, she explains the extent of her injuries at the time, “They were like charcoal. They were completely dead and had to be amputated at the shoulders.” Thomas was not expected to survive and for most people the injuries she suffered would have been enough to cripple her for life, but instead she persevered and is now a competitive body builder and model. Talk about inspiring. The body builder now lives in Phoenix and says she thanks God she is alive. Barbie Thomas has two teenage sons, 13 and 17 who call her shoulders “nubs”. While speaking with ABCNews.com, and holding the phone between her ear and right shoulder, Thomas says that her positive attitude is what has kept her going. “I was not allowed to be negative and say I can’t do something. I was always taught to focus on what I can do, not what I can’t do,” she said. “It probably has a lot to do with my personality — I can’t imagine being a negative Nancy all the time.” Her dance routines during fitness competitions include high kicks, splits, and some ninja moves, which participants are required to do on top of their strength performances. Last year, the amateur division of the International Federation of Body Builders, the National Physique Committee (NPC) was so impressed with Barbie Thomas that they gave her the first ever Inspiration Award. “She chose the most difficult division of all,” Miles Nuessle, Arizona chairman of the NPC commented. Neussle says “the crowd went nuts” with her incredible dance moves, which he can’t put into words. “We were thinking, ‘How can she do that routine?’ but she blew our minds,” he said. “She was absolutely beautiful. She was on the floor jumping up and doing splits. I don’t know what half the moves were called. She was rolling all over the place and shaking it — sexy, athletic, fun and emotional.”
Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/956775/barbie-thomas-be-inspired-by-armless-body-builders-story-video/#R1dE6rKuTseujvFP.99

Barbie Thomas is a one of a kind, she is an armless body builder who has inspired the fitness world with her determination.

When she was only 2-years-old, she was playing outside her apartment complex, when she decided to climb a transformer by grabbing on the the wires. The electric current charred her little arms and they had to be amputated from shoulder level.

In the bio on her website, Fitness Unarmed, she explains the extent of her injuries at the time,

“They were like charcoal. They were completely dead and had to be amputated at the shoulders.”

Thomas was not expected to survive and for most people the injuries she suffered would have been enough to cripple her for life, but instead she persevered and is now a competitive body builder and model. Talk about inspiring.
 The body builder now lives in Phoenix and says she thanks God she is alive. Barbie Thomas has two teenage sons, 13 and 17 who call her shoulders “nubs”.

While speaking with ABCNews.com, and holding the phone between her ear and right shoulder, Thomas says that her positive attitude is what has kept her going.

“I was not allowed to be negative and say I can’t do something. I was always taught to focus on what I can do, not what I can’t do,” she said. “It probably has a lot to do with my personality — I can’t imagine being a negative Nancy all the time.”

Her dance routines during fitness competitions include high kicks, splits, and some ninja moves, which participants are required to do on top of their strength performances.
 Last year, the amateur division of the International Federation of Body Builders, the National Physique Committee (NPC) was so impressed with Barbie Thomas that they gave her the first ever Inspiration Award.
“She chose the most difficult division of all,” Miles Nuessle, Arizona chairman of the NPC commented.
Neussle says "the crowd went nuts" with her incredible dance moves, which he can't put into words. "We were thinking, 'How can she do that routine?' but she blew our minds," he said. "She was absolutely beautiful. She was on the floor jumping up and doing splits. I don't know what half the moves were called. She was rolling all over the place and shaking it -- sexy, athletic, fun and emotional." Barbie Thomas is one of a kind, she is an armless body builder who has inspired the fitness world with her determination.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Urban Meyer responds to 2 year old whose parents sent in recruiting pamphlet to Ohio State

2-year-old Sullivan Busser's parents sent in a recruiting flyer to Ohio State — Fox 8 screenshot

2-year-old Sullivan Busser's parents sent in a recruiting flyer to Ohio State — Fox 8 screenshot
Isn't Urban Meyer just the cutest?
Faced with an adorable and completely overwrought recruiting handout sent his way by the parents of a 2-year-old boy, Meyer chose to offer up an earnest reply rather than blow the letter off.
As noted by USA Today, the parents of 2-year-old Columbus native Sullivan Busser sent in a Rivals.com-style profile handout to Meyer and the Ohio State coaching staff. You can see the photos and data above, which depict Sullivan as a two-way quarterback and defensive back.
And, hey, there's photographic proof that the kid can physically throw a football, so Prep Rally is in no position to cast aspersions on his prospective choice of positions.
Obviously, the Bussers never intended for Meyer to take the leaflet seriously. And he didn't. What he did do is respond to the mailer just as he does to much of his fan mail.
This time, his reply to the 3-foot-2, 25-pounder was priceless.
Dear Sullivan:
Your parents sent us your future Buckeye recruiting information. We will look for you to make your collegiate football debut in 2029 — you will need to gain a little weight, but our strength staff will take care of that! Go Bucks!
Urban Meyer
Head Football Coach

Controversial judge C.J. Ross opts to take leave of absence after calling Floyd Mayweather fight a draw

Boxing judge C.J. Ross (blonde in center) took a leave of absence Tuesday (Getty)
LAS VEGAS -- This is a story without a happy ending, even though the proper outcome occurred.
C.J. Ross, the veteran boxing judge who ignited a firestorm of controversy with her 114-114 scorecard Saturday in the Floyd Mayweather-Canelo Alvarez super welterweight fight at the MGM Grand Garden, opted Tuesday to take a leave of absence and may have officiated her final fight.
The overwhelming consensus of boxing fans, media, boxers, promoters, managers, trainers and matchmakers was that Mayweather had won by a wide margin. Ross not only had it a draw, but she gave Alvarez four of the last five rounds. The furor over her scorecard was increased because she was one of the judges who scored the June 9, 2012, bout between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley for Bradley. Most felt Pacquiao had easily won that match.
Ross defended her decision in comments to the Las Vegas Review-Journal on Sunday, but on Tuesday, she'd had enough. She was scheduled to meet with Bill Brady, the chairman of the Nevada Athletic Commission, to discuss her scorecard. Instead, she asked for a leave of absence. It would be no surprise to veteran boxing people in the state if it comes out that Gov. Brian Sandoval got involved in an attempt to quell the controversy.
She told KLAS-TV reporter Chris Maathuis she is not sure if she'll apply for reinstatement.
Ross, 64, has been judging for 22 years. She clearly made the right decision to step away, because nearly all of the post-fight focus had been on her rather than on Mayweather's brilliant performance. Keith Kizer, the executive director of the Nevada commission and the man who on Sept. 4 apointed her to judge the Mayweather-Alvarez fight, praised her decision to step aside to KLAS.
To her credit, she does not want to take away from the story, being what a dominant performance by Floyd Mayweather. So, she has asked us if she can take some time off, [and] we've agreed. It shows the type of person she is. Bill was very understanding and supportive. He agreed that that was a great avenue to take.
Had she been appointed to any fight of note after the Pacquiao-Bradley and Mayweather-Alvarez controversy, she would have been a lightning rod and suspicions would have been aroused simply by her presence.
As the Los Angeles Times reported, she'd been on the wrong side in a majority decision before even the Pacquiao-Bradley fight. She scored the Abner Mares-Joseph Agbeko fight 113-113, though the other two judges had it 115-111.
There was outrage throughout the boxing world over her scorecard in the Mayweather fight, so there was no way for her to continue and have any credibility. Managers would have fought against having her appointment, and every fight she worked would have been subject to intense scrutiny.
But Ross' departure doesn't mean the judging situation is suddenly perfect. Nevada hosts many of the major fights and needs to infuse its judging ranks with quality officials. Several elite judges have already left the commission and others are aging.
Kizer and Brady need to seek quality judges from outside Nevada who might want to move to the state to be able to regularly work big fights. Nevada recruited referee Joe Cortez from New Jersey that way more than 20 years ago and Cortez's addition gave the state a deep and talented pool of referees.
But Nevada, and all states, needs to work to develop new, young judges from the amateur program. A lot of that is going on, but more emphasis needs to be spent on recruiting and training new judges.
Source: Nevada Athletic Commission

Monday, September 16, 2013

Boise State player guzzles pickle juice on the sideline!!!!

 We’ve all been there—you come home from a hard day of thirsty work or play, and you quench that thirst with a lukewarm jar of pickle juice (with the pickles still in it, of course, this isn’t kindergarten). That’s exactly what one Boise State player decided to do in between plays during a recent game.
The player was captured on a Vine from Vine user Big Cat, and the player’s name is Jay Ajayi. The Boise State running back also scored two touchdowns during the game’s fourth quarter, so there must be something pretty effective about drinking pickle juice.
You can check out the video of Boise State’s Jay Ajayi drinking pickle juice during a game below.

Charles Tillman ‘saves’ sideline reporter Laura Okmin from camera cart

 Chicago Bears cornerback Peanut Tillman makes a big play but this time it's off the field, when he saves FOX sideline reporter Laura Okmin from being hit by a moving camera cart.

Atlanta’s William Moore turfs St. Louis’ Mike McNeill with a WWE-style spinebuster

That's William Moore. He plays safety for the Atlanta Falcons. And although Atlanta's secondary is a concern in NFL terms, in reality the Falcons could snap you in half on their way to breakfast. Here, check out what Moore did to Rams tight end Mike McNeill late in the second quarter:
You've heard about irresistible force meeting immovable object? Yeah, turns out this particular object was very movable indeed. It was reminiscent of WWE days of yore, like this Triple H spinebuster:
We're honestly not sure if we're supposed to celebrate hits any more in the NFL, but in this case ... wow. That was definitive.