Wednesday, September 25, 2013

College Team So Bad School Willing To Pay Fans

New Mexico State is now offering students cash incentives to attend – and stay at - games.
According to the Las Cruces Sun-News, attendance has been so bad at New Mexico State home games, that university president Garrey Carruthers and members of the community are offering prizes of $2,000 and $250 and a VIP parking pass to student who are still at Saturday’s game against San Diego State in the fourth quarter.
The winner of the $2,000 will be selected from all main campus NMSU students who are taking at least one credit at the school. If the student is there during the fourth quarter, he or she will collect the reward. If not, the prize money will be saved for the next game.
The winners of the $250 and the coveted black parking pass, which allows the driver to park in any lot on campus, will be chosen from the students who are at the game and stay until the fourth quarter.
In two home games this season, the Aggies are averaging 8,696 total fans. The Aggies have lost 15 consecutive games and have been outscored 201-62 this season.
And things probably won’t get better.
Since the Aggies decided to go Independent after the WAC dissolved, the schedule isn’t packed with many winnable games.
Here's my question: If a school that can barely fill a stadium has enough money to pay their students, these bigger schools should have plenty of money to pay their athletes at least something??? Just saying...

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