Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Russell Wilson’s sister might be an even better athlete than the NFL QB

When it comes to NFL sensations, it's hard to get hotter than Russell Wilson. The Seahawks quarterback can do almost nothing wrong amidst a rapid rise that has seen him unseat a highly compensated free agent as a lowly drafted rookie, led the Seahawks to the NFC division playoffs and, now, to the top of the NFC West and most NFL power rankings.
There's no doubt that Wilson deserves a significant amount of the praise for Seattle's rise, and his athleticism has been a major shot in the arm for Pete Carroll's offense. Wilson has been an athletic star behind center at the highest levels since arriving at North Carolina State, eventually leading Wisconsin to a BCS game and now starring in the NFL. What's more incredible is that he might not even be the best athlete among his siblings.
Just ask Wilson himself:
"I truly believe that [sister Anna Wilson] will be an All-American point guard at some big university and go on to be a Candace Parker – a superstar-type basketball player," Russell Wilson told ESPNW.
As reported by MaxPreps, Wilson's younger sister, Collegiate High (Richmond, Va.) star Anna Wilson, is one of the nation's top basketball prospects in the Class of 2016. Despite having just two years of varsity basketball under her belt (she also competed for Collegiate as an eighth grader), the younger Wilson has already been invited to compete for a spot on the USA Under-16 girls basketball squad. During her freshman season Wilson was arguably the most impactful player in the larger Richmond area, averaging a remarkable full stat line of 16.5 points-per-game, 6 rebounds, 5 steals and 6 assists.
Those assists are as notable as anything else, because the younger Wilson truly shines in the same way that her brother does: as a dynamic playmaker who can make the most out of situations that even seem like a dead end.
There are still many hurdles ahead for Anna Wilson, but one thing is certain: She has her family behind her, and has all the talent and pedigree she needs to be a major player at the highest level.
"It's like my dad always told me: Don't be afraid to excel," Russell Wilson told ESPNW . "And she's not at all. She's reaching for the stars, and she'll touch them and keep going."

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