Wednesday, November 20, 2013

MUST SEE VIDEO: Pacquiao trainer in fight with Rios camp before weekend bout

A scuffle broke out between Manny Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach, and members of Brandon Rios’s team at a workout in Macau, China on Tuesday. During the expletive-filled confrontation, Alex Ariza, Pacquiao’s former strength coach who has clashed with Roach in the past, kicked Roach in the chest and can be heard on video mocking the symptoms of Roach’s Parkinson’s disease.
Tensions boiled over around 11 am, when Roach arrived at the gym to prepare for Pacquiao’s workout. Rios and his team–including Ariza and trainer Robert Garcia–were finishing up. Roach approached Rios’s team aggressively and ordered them out of the gym. Garcia said his team was delayed by interviews and said “I ain’t going nowhere.” Roach and Ariza then started getting into it. Roach cursed at Ariza. Ariza began purposefully slurring his speech. When Roach moved towards Ariza, Ariza responded by kicking Roach in the chest.

After a few minutes, Roach was escorted into an adjacent room.
Several media outlets — including HBO and ESPN — witnessed and recorded the altercation.
 Ariza claimed that during the confrontation Roach used racial and religious slurs. However, cameras picked up Ariza making derogatory comments about Roach’s Parkinson’s disease –a degenerative condition Roach has suffered from for years — including calling Roach a “stuttering prick.”
The relationship between Ariza and Roach has been a tense one for years. As Pacquiao’s strength and conditioning coach for five years, Ariza was a key member of Pacquiao’s camp for signature wins over Miguel Cotto, Ricky Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya. But Roach often felt that Ariza was stepping outside of his role and trying to take over control of Pacquiao’s camps. Last August, Roach fired Ariza, a decision Pacquiao supported.
In turn, Ariza began working with Rios, who will face Pacquiao in a welterweight fight on Saturday night (HBO PPV, 9 pm).
There is bad blood between Roach and Rios and Garcia, too. In 2010, Rios and Antonio Margarito were caught on video mocking Roach’s tremors. The video also showed Garcia, who trained both fighters, laughing. Rios, Garcia and Margarito apologized, and while Roach accepted the apology, those close to him maintain that he has never let it go.

At least Roach and I get along!!!

Tony Picard, 400-pound high school running back, a sight to behold!!!!!!!!

 A tiny Washington high school is home to perhaps the largest running back anywhere in the country -- amateur or professional.
At 400 pounds, Tony Picard racked up 576 yards rushing and seven touchdowns this year at White Swan High School. The Yakima Herald-Republic reports that his coach put Picard at running back because he was so athletic for his size. Many NFL running backs weigh half as much as Picard.
Current NFL rushing leader LeSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles weighs in at 208 pounds. Picard's size also rivals some of the largest NFL linemen around.
Picard hasn't been the featured running back at White Swan, a school of less than 300 students. Smaller, quicker players have typically led the running game while Picard has been a reliable short-yardage back.
This year, he averaged nearly 6 yards per carry.
Video of Picard's rumbling runs has drawn more than 2 million views on YouTube. The clips show the 17-year-old plowing through defenders while also showing swiftness on his feet. Picard hopes to go on to play college football.
"You'll see the other team just kind of looking at him when they're shaking hands, like, 'Oh my gosh, do I really have to tackle this guy?'" Picard's coach, Andy Bush, told ABC's "Good Morning America."
Picard didn't draw much outside attention in the last few years as he helped his team to the playoffs three seasons in a row. That began to change this year when a photograph of Picard showed the running back ready to trample a defender who looked about one-third his body weight.
"It takes multiple guys to take me down, four or five," Picard told "Good Morning America." ''I kind of take advantage of being this size."
Picard also plays varsity basketball.

Chi-Chi Rodriguez hit himself in the "YOU KNOW WHAT" with a ball during ‘Big Break’ cameo

One of the coolest golf tricks anyone ever pulled off was done by Chi-Chi Rodriguez. The now 78-year-old golfer would set up two golf balls next to each other, take a full swing with the first one and hit a nice cut, then as quick as Usain Bolt is off the blocks, Rodriguez would twirl around and hit the other ball, this time with a hook, and every so often the balls would collide in mid-air.
I bet Rodriguez's leg wishes he was trying that trick when he made a cameo on The Golf Channel's "Big Break." Rodriguez was on to try the "shattered glass" challenge, and as his ball barely missed the glass, it hit something solid and came screaming back at him, nailing him in the leg and causing the cast of the show to make sure the golf legend was alright.
Chi-Chi appeared to be okay, but it was a scary situation for a moment and it poses the question that I first wondered when watching this video - is it appropriate to yell "FORE!" when you're about to get hit by your own ball?