Monday, November 11, 2013

Audio: Listen to rant that led to Ron English’s firing at Eastern Michigan

In the middle of Ron English's fifth season as football coach at Eastern Michigan, his record was 11-46. So it seems accurate to characterize a recording of a profane tirade against his players as more of an accelerant to his firing than a catalyst.
But still, there is this recording, obtained (and censored) by the Detroit News . . .
That’s English verbally undressing his team, most likely unaware he was being recorded. There is plenty of profanity in there, with English blasting his players for, among other things, a lack of self-respect, personal responsibility and discipline.
Some highlights:
”How did so many young guys go bad, go to s---. This is s--- football."

”I respect football players. You ain’t no football players.”
”You have no respect for yourself.”
”You a little b---h.”
The Detroit News, which bleeped out words it considered offensive, reported: “It also sounds like English used a derogatory word for gay. There was much more that was said that is not suitable for publication.”
 In an interview with the Associated Press Saturday, English apologized for what his former boss, athletic director Heather Lyke, described as “absolutely unacceptable” behavior on the ex-coach’s part.
“As a man who has coached 21 years, obviously, on this occasion and particular meeting, I lost my poise, got upset and used language that was inappropriate, particularly as it pertains to homosexual slurs. I regret that,” English was quoted as saying during a phone conversation with the AP. “I apologize to the university for putting it in this position and tarnishing its reputation.
“I look forward to continuing a career that has been marked by molding men of integrity, passion, and intensity for 21 years.”
Coaches have never been known for their careful verbiage or calm demeanors, but that rarely seems to be a problem when the team has a winning record.

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