Monday, November 11, 2013

Jerry Jones admits some regret in firing defensive coordinator Rob Ryan

The Dallas Cowboys fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan after last season, and Ryan gave the famous quote that he would be out of work "for like five minutes."
His bravado was correct. The Saints hired him shortly after he was fired and Ryan has completely turned around a New Orleans defense that ranked dead last in the league last year. Who has taken the Saints' spot at the 32nd ranked defense in the NFL? Yep, the Dallas Cowboys.
That might get a man like Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to thinking, especially after seeing his defense give up 40 first downs (!!!) to the Saints on Sunday night.

"We thought it was best for us to go in the direction that we are, and it doesn't look good right now," Jones
Oh, you think so, doctor?
The Cowboys replaced Ryan with 73-year-old Monte Kiffin, who was coming off a failure at USC. Kiffin is one of the titans of the game among assistant coaches, but he doesn't seem to be the right fit in Dallas. The Cowboys broke an NFL record by allowing four 400-yard games by quarterbacks in a season, and broke that record in their eighth game. Drew Brees took it easy on them Sunday night and threw for just 392 yards.
"Hopefully we can make it look good, but I have all the feelings that you have when you want to look back at a decision, and I realize when some of them work you have to have a few things go along with it," Jones continued about the decision to fire Ryan.
The Cowboys have dealt with a lot of defensive injuries, and suffered another tough one Sunday night when linebacker Sean Lee hurt his hamstring. The defense won't get much better as long Lee is out.
Jones has made a few poor decisions as Cowboys owner (and, to be fair, some good ones too). Every week that his defense gives up a ton of yards and points in front of him, and perhaps blows the team's chances of winning the NFC East, he'll be reminded of one of his biggest recent errors.

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