Monday, October 14, 2013

(VIDEO) Two referees arrested after alleged threats in Louisiana Football Game!!!

Fans, players and coaches get thrown out of games every now and then, but have you ever seen referees get tossed? That's what happened at a high school football game in Covington, La. on Friday night. But before the refs got themselves thrown out, one tried to throw a cop out, according to a report by WWL-TV. Police told WWL-TV that two referees were arrested and charged with public intimidation at the Mandeville vs. St. Paul's game. The incident was reportedly sparked by an argument between the refs and chain crew on the sideline during the third quarter. WWL-TV says one of the referees tried to throw a police officer out of the game after an argument over crowd control escalated. The two referees were then escorted off the field. The dispute caused a 25-minute delay in the game. Seems like the cops vs. refs was the more entertaining matchup of the night. But in case you were wondering, St. Paul's won 20-3.

Here's video of the arrest!!!!

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