Friday, August 9, 2013

Redskins RB Chris Thompson has a ritual of eating a Starburst from his sock during games

Redskins RB Chris Thompson takes a handoff from Robert Griffin III (USA Today Sports Images)
Spoiler alert: This story might spoil the idea of eating a Starburst candy forever. Washington Redskins rookie rookie running back Chris Thompson has a gameday ritual, like many other players. Most of them don't involve eating candy that was stored in your sock during a game.
This one is a doozy, from, via the Washington Post's D.C. Sports Bog.

Thompson makes sure he has a red and yellow Starburst with him for every game. He'll eat the yellow one before the game, and put the red one in his sock to eat at halftime.
To repeat: He puts the red one in his sock to eat at halftime.
"Yeah, it sounds kind of nasty, but I've done it ever since high school," Thompson told Monumental Network.
Oh, well, if you've done it since high school then it's really not gross at all, Chris.
He reports that it doesn't change the flavor too much to have it marinating in his sock during the game.
"It tastes the same," Thompson said "Actually it doesn't get too wet either, because I have it right by my ankle tape and my sock so it's not on my leg getting all wet and nasty."
We've heard of other athletes having candy obsessions during games, but it's not like Marshawn Lynch's Skittles come from his armpits or jock strap.
I guess it's not me eating that Starburst from Thompson's sock, but it still makes me cringe just the same.

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