Saturday, August 31, 2013

Johnny Manziel trash talks a Rice defender, says he won’t give him an autograph (Video)

 Being suspended for the first half didn't dissuade Johnny Manziel from having some fun with the autograph controversy that's surrounded him.
After running for a first down, Manziel got up and started jawing with a Rice defender. He then motioned towards him shaking his head and made a signature motion with his hand, as if to say there would be no autographs being signed today.
Manziel sat out the first half because of an NCAA suspension after an investigation into allegations that he took money for signing memorabilia. The NCAA found that Manziel didn't accept any money, however, he was forced to sit out the first half.
Later in the drive, Manziel threw his first touchdown pass of the season, hitting Mike Evans for a 23-yard score. After that score, he broke out the "Show me the money!" celebration.

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