Monday, November 9, 2009

Spurs defeat Raptors Recap from the AT&T Center in San Antonio

Game Finale update.....Tim Duncan and Tony Parker a no go. Toronto played well. This game went back and forth. 21 lead changes and 9 ties in this one. I guess that's pretty good since Timmy D and T-Parker are in street clothes. Manu Ginobili was 14-16 shooting for a team high 36 points 8 assist and 4 blocks that Manu told me he didn't know he had for the Spurs. Ginobili continues to get rabies shots. Maybe Manu should get rabies shots for the rest of the season. Ginobili told me this was the best he played in a long time. Overall most of the player for San Antonio stepped their game up. Richard Jefferson and Marcus Hill combined for 46 points while Matt Bonner finished with 18 off the bench. Overall tonight was a great night. Even Richard Jefferson offered me a bite of his corn on the cob. I said no thank you. (the H1N1 was on my mind)

Raptors 124 Spurs 131 Final

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