Thursday, November 12, 2009

Don King Please Call Me

Today as I went to interview boxer King James De La Rosa. Bad news came before I could ask my first question. Recently King James signed a contract with Don King Promotions. In James De La Rosa's new contract there are certain rules regarding when he can talk to the media. King James will call me later to what those terms are. As of right now I can't interview King James unless Don King allows him to do so. I can't complain as I see King James move up in the world boxing ranks. Juan De La Rosa, the father of King James, told me Don King can see a title shot coming in the next year and a half. I have built up a relationship with the De La Rosa family and covered James when he was 8-0. King James is now 20-0 (12 KO's). I remember putting together a story on James and his brother J.P. in September of 2008. I watched every fight iincluding the hundreds of amateur fights between the two. The King and the De La Rosa family know our friendship will never end but as of right now I will just have to wait. That's just how contracts are for big time boxers. Maybe James De La Rosa's contract can be different. This could possibly happen



  1. I had no idea Don Kings contract would limit the media.. awesome pic with the King bro.. good story.

  2. I'm not surprised that Don King would some kind of clause in there. He has to be in control of his fighter. Don has always been like that. Hopefully he'll take care of the young guy and not screw him.