Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Player tossed after game ends

It's one thing for an umpire to blow a call, allegedly, and then toss a player for arguing that call. But umpire Tony Randazzo took that one step further Tuesday night in New York. After Cleveland's Mike Aviles made what he thought was a check swing with one out left in the 9th inning, Randazzo called it a foul tip even though it only hit off the catcher's glove. After flying out to end the game, Aviles approached Randazzo and argued the call further, but the umpire wasn't having it and responded by tossing Aviles from the game, even though it had ended! He continued to give Randazzo a piece of his mind, with some help from Indians manager Terry Francona, but the damage was done and Aviles was heading to the locker room... along with everybody else. The Yankees won the game 4-3.

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