Tuesday, June 4, 2013

(Great Video) How Paraplegic Mom Goes Surfing

When Pascale Honore was paralyzed in a car accident 18 years ago, she was told she would never walk again. But the doctors didn't say anything about surfing.
Honore, who is 50 and the mother to two, gets herself duct taped to 23-year-old Tyron Swan, a surfer friend of her sons.
A video of the pair, which has gone viral on YouTube, shows Honore in a backpack, duct taped to Swanson's back, her legs taped to Swanson's legs.
Honore slips into the backpack before she is taped to Swanson, and the two then hit the waves.
According to the Australian paper The Sunday Mail, Honore and Swan practiced the technique in flat water last December before advancing to waves.
Honore could not be immediately reached by ABC News, but she told the Australian paper The Herald Sun that she had not anticipated such a widespread positive reaction to the video, although she was pleased with it.
"I think people have related to the fact that people can accomplish great things if they work together."

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