Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Deion Sanders Is So Happy His Ridiculously Expensive German Shepherd Is Back Home

Deion Sanders has never been one to cut costs. Ever since the day he was drafted, when he wore more than a few gold chains, "Prime Time" has put his considerable fortune on display.

Even Sanders' son, Deion Jr., has Versace sheets in is dorm room.

So perhaps it's not surprising that Sanders has a $15,000 German Shepherd, which is quite an exorbitant price for a pooch.

And with a dog that expensive, you can imagine how nervous Sanders was when the dog, Yasko, got lost. According to the Examiner, Sanders' dog disappeared from his yard last year and had been gone for nine months. It was only several days ago that Yasko made his way back home.

After seeing that tweet, many people became curious: Why would anyone need a $15,000 dog? Worry not, doubters, the dog wasn't simply for show.

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