Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Boxer urges opponent to fight and quickly gets knocked cold for his trouble

It's hard not to admire Miguel Zuniga's desire, or his gumption. It's his technique, though, that could stand a bit of work.
Zuniga was fighting Daquan Arnett in the co-main event of a card at the BB&T Center on Saturday. In the fifth round, Zuniga had Arnett pinned against the ropes and was scoring well. He landed a couple of body shots as well as three good right hands to the head.
Zuniga, who entered the bout with a 10-1 record, got an adrenaline rush from his success. He took a step back from Arnett -- never a great idea when you're landing quality punches -- and urged Arnett to come toward him to fight.
Arnett, a 20-year old from Winter Park, Fla., who entered the super welterweight bout with a 10-0 record, did as Zuniga asked. He stepped forward and fought.
That was the part of the scheduled eight-round bout that Zuniga would like to have over.
Arnett obliged and after blocking a couple of punches from Zuniga, connected with a solid left hook that put Zuniga down. Referee Frank Santore Jr. stopped the bout and gave the win to Arnett.
As for Zuniga, he'll return home to Tijuana, Mexico, with his second loss on his record and a heck of a lot more wisdom.

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