Saturday, August 24, 2013

Willie Young taunts Tom Brady, prompting question … who is Willie Young?

Willie Young taunted Tom Brady in a preseason game. The most surprising part of that sentence might be that Young is still in the NFL.
Here's the rundown on Young's career (he's a defensive end for the Lions, and you're excused if you didn't know that), so you can see why he was sticking a finger in the face of one of the greatest players in NFL history: Three seasons, no starts, 16 solo tackles, three sacks (none last year), no forced fumbles. Canton is creating his bust as we speak.
Young wasn't even fired up after a sack. He got really, really excited after flushing Brady out of the pocket and forcing an incompletion. Again, this happened in a preseason game. That play isn't going alongside Joe Namath running off the field at Super Bowl III in the NFL Films library.
I guess when you're Young, this is probably the best opportunity he'll have to talk smack to a quarterback.

Young got to Brady in the end zone, bumped into him, then grabbed him by the jersey with his left hand and stuck his right index finger in Brady's face. This couldn't have made any less sense. Again, he forced an incompletion in a preseason game, and he's Willie Young talking trash to Tom Brady.
Well, Young totally erased his kinda sorta decent preseason play by getting a 15-yard taunting penalty. Lions coach Jim Schwartz, who has instituted a "if you can't play tough, you might as well act tough" mantra with the Lions, yanked Young out of the game. That showed even Schwartz has a line you can't cross, and that line is apparently taunting a Hall of Famer after you didn't even get a sack in a game that doesn't count.

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