Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rockets James Harden Sings In New Commercial For 'Foot Locker' (VIDEO)

We gave you a preview of James Harden’s semi-bitter vocals in his 30-second spot for Footlocker earlier this week. Stephen Curry was begging Harden not to embarrass himself by attempting to serenade the world.

Well Harden is back with the full version of his new R&B single “Harden Soul.”
One thing I must say is the beat of the song will have you nodding your head until he starts singing.

 If it wasn’t for him whaling throughout the track to a girl who supposedly knows she wants to see his chest, I think this song could actually catch fire on the radio.
I find myself having this line stuck in my head “Let’s go out for seafood, we’ll have a shrimp fest … GIRRRL!”
It’s so terrible, that it’s actually good. This could compete with plenty of songs you hear today. Give it a listen:

Here's the full version of the song:

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