Sunday, July 21, 2013

Welcome to Milwakuee: Ron Roenicke’s throwback uniform features spelling error

As we noted on Saturday, the Milwaukee Brewers paid tribute to the Negro Leagues when they hosted the Miami Marlins at Miller Park. As a part of the tribute, both teams wore throwback uniforms with the Brewers honoring the 1923 Milwaukee Bears and the Marlins acknowledging the original Miami Marlins from 1956-60. Their uniforms included a special No. 29 patch to honor Hall of Famer Satchel Paige.
Overall it's a very cool to see both teams honoring such an important part of the game's history, but it turns out there was one little problem. The throwback uniform worn by Brewers manager Ron Roenicke has a pretty noticeable spelling error in the only word written across the front.
Take a look thanks to Sean Berg (@sberg2988).
(Sean Berg on Twitter)Well, hey, as I've said many times before: Misspellings, typos and grammatical errors come with the territory when you seek out a careers in writing and manufacturing jerseys. OK, maybe I only said the first part, but unfortunately those are the two careers where it's noticed the most. With that in mind, I feel the pain of whoever was in charge of Ron Roenicke's uniform.
There was some good news, however. Aside from that one little glitch, both teams uniforms look really sharp and classy. Throwback nights really are the best in baseball. Well, aside from those in Houston and San Diego.

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