Sunday, July 21, 2013

Must See Video: Skydiver crashes into Missouri summer league baseball player!!!!

Baseball is a tough enough game without having to dodge skydivers. Just ask Mattingly Romanin, a sophomore infielder from Chicago State University, who is currently playing for the Missouri summer league's Hannibal Cavemen. In a stunt gone hilariously wrong — thankfully — during a pre-game ceremony on Saturday, it was Romanin who had to try dodging one of those wayward skydivers, and he was unable to get out of the way in time.
As you see in the video, Romanin and his teammates appear to be wrapping some pregame work and perhaps preparing for the National Anthem when the diver approaches the second base bag at a high rate of speed and then crashes into the defenseless infielder. According to witnesses at the park, Romanin stayed down on the ground for a couple minutes, but it sounds as though he did escape the incident without injury.
At least that's what I gather from his tweet posted following the game.
By Sunday morning he was in more of a mood to joke about.
Hey, if he can laugh about it, so can we.
According to another funny Romanin tweet, the players were told not to move and to trust that the diver wouldn't crash into them.
Perhaps next time the players should be instructed to stay in the safety of their dugout. I mean after all, teams do these types of stunts frequently enough that a miscalculation is bound to happen at some point — remember this guy? — so why not take the extra precaution?

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