Sunday, July 21, 2013

Foul ball rips through net behind plate, hits woman at Nationals game

Barely a month ago, The Stew posted about a man who spilled beer on himself and others at a Philadelphia Phillies game after he flinched when a ball was fouled back to the screen behind home plate.
The post made fun of him. Perhaps he's owed an apology.
A woman sitting in the front row behind home plate at Nationals Park on Saturday night was hit in the left shoulder by a foul ball after the net failed. Jerry Hairston of the Los Angeles Dodgers was batting against Rafael Soriano.
If you watch closely, you can see the woman grab her shoulder. The ball also appears to glance off the woman's hand, which happened to be covering/in front of her face. Try not to imagine the consequences were she hit in the head.
Scary as heck.
Twitter fellow Andrew Tabach happened to be sitting behind her at the game and he message Deadspin two photos, including one with the net obviously ripped:

Yikes. The Washington Nationals have a little problem with one of their nets. At least the Phillies have them beat in that department. Way to go, Citizens Bank Park!

Tabach added:
"[...] She cried a bit and got an ice pack from usher. Guy who found the ball gave it to her"

She got the ball back. The souvenir of a lifetime, which she probably saw flash before her eyes.

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