Sunday, May 26, 2013

Spurs guard Tony Parker denies he was denied service by famed Memphis restaurant

A local chef claims he denied service to Tony Parker on Friday night because the San Antonio Spurs point guard didn't have a reservation. Parker says that would have been impossible – because he says he never went to the chef's restaurant.Tony Parker and the Spurs will try to close out the Grizzlies in Game 4 on Monday in Memphis. The culinary tiff began the night before Game 3 of the Western Conference finals when renowned Memphis chef Kelly English confirmed a Twitter user's question asking if Parker tried to eat dinner at English's Restaurant Iris that evening and was "denied service."
English, a Grizzlies fan who has the team's "Grit, Grind" slogan written on his arm in his Twitter profile photo, then explained the decision in a subsequent tweet, saying Parker wasn't given a table at the restaurant because he didn't have a reservation.

Parker, however, said he ate room service dinner from his hotel while watching the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers play Game 2 of the Eastern Conference finals that night. Parker said he never even left his hotel room. source: Yahoo

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