Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rookie Chris Colabello wears wrong Minnesota Twins jersey

They look almost exactly alike. No, not Chris Colabello and Jamey Carroll of the Minnesota Twins. Almost nobody looks like Carroll (on the right), a long-time major league guy with distinctive facial features. I'm talking about the Twins jerseys. The one that says "Minnesota" is appropriate for road games, and the Twins were on the road at Miller Park on Tuesday night. The one worn by Colabello, a 29-year-old rookie, says "Twins" and usually is for use at Target Field only. Colabello entered the game in the ninth inning as a pinch hitter and reached on an error. The Twins broadcaster didn't seem to notice The jersey foul at first, but the Brewers guys did, via The Big Lead.
Just so long as the umpires don't notice! And if they had?

Rule 1.11.a3 states:
No player whose uniform does not conform to that of his teammates shall be permitted to participate in a game.
So, if the umpires or the Brewers had noticed Colabello's improper jersey, he could have been made to change jerseys at any point. I suppose umpires would have cause to kick him out of the game, too, but they probably would have made him wear a generic jersey, or a teammate's. Just as long as everyone's said "Minnesota." Actually, it would have been funny if umpires made everyone else on the Twins change jerseys and then kicked Colabello out. That would have been Angel Hernandez's solution. - Big League Stew

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