Friday, May 31, 2013

Kansas City Royals send hitting coaches to the minors, replace them with George Brett

With the Kansas City Royals in free fall, having lost eight in a row and 12 of their last 13, it wasn't going to be much longer before a change was made.
Some wondered if manager Ned Yost — and his amusing quotes — would get the ax. Or if a struggling hitter, such as Mike Moustakas, would get demoted to Triple-A.
What happened Thursday was actually a bit more comical: The Royals sent their hitting coaches — Jack Maloof and Andre David — to the minor leagues. Or "re-assigned" them as the baseball talk goes.
Suppose it's better than being fired outright, but not as chuckle-worthy.
Here's the upshot: Royals legend George Brett will take over as interim hitting coach, which ought to buy team management a little bit of favor with fans who remember the good ol' days. He'll be joined by Pedro Grifol.
The Royals are definitely in need of any type of offensive boost. They've scored only 16 runs in their eight-game skid and have only two home runs as a team since May 14. Mind you, two different players hit three home runs in their respective games on Wednesday.
The Royals were 15-10 and tied for first place in the AL Central with the Detroit Tigers on May 2. Now, on May 30, they find themselves in last place with a 21-29 record. George Brett best be ready to go to work. - Big League Stew

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