Monday, September 9, 2013

Tennessee Titans’ Darius Reynaud make embarrassing mistake to start season

The optimism of the new season can be replaced by cursing and tears before a team even runs a play.
Ask any Tennessee Titans fan, who was already holding their head in their hands at about 1:01 p.m. ET on opening day.
The opening kickoff by the Steelers was handled by Darius Reynaud. Seemed innocent enough. His feet were on the goal line, but he wasn't aware of that. So he took a step back. Oh, no.
When Reynaud took a knee in the end zone, he handed the Steelers a safety, because he fielded the ball outside of the end zone. Pittsburgh led 2-0 to begin the season without getting a tackle or gaining a yard.
The good news is this: It got better for the Titans. From that point until the final two minutes of the game, they shut out the Steelers and pulled off an improbable 16-9 victory, and everyone can laugh about Reynaud's gaffe now.
So the 2013 Tennessee Titans can attest, first impressions aren't always that important.

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