Friday, September 13, 2013

Hey Beer Man! meet "Can Head" - The Human Suction Cup?

The Cleveland Indians were up 14-3 in the 9th inning against the Chicago White Sox on Thursday night, the game was pretty much over and my remote that was on the other side of the room was the only reason why I didn’t change the channel. I’m glad I didn’t because out of nowhere this guy appeared on my TV. (he wasn't wearing Cubs gear though)

The baseball fan known as “Can Head” had not one, not two but three beer cans plus a bottle of water stuck to his head. I decided to Google the man they call “Can Head” and I found out this real life super hero’s real name is Jamie Keeton, of Chicago, Ill. Unlike a juggler who balances items on his head, Keeton’s skin acts like a suction cup, holding aluminum cans, plastic and glass bottles, and other objects. Can Head is one of four worldwide! A reason why he's been dubbed by some as The Human Suction Cup and has a huge following on Facebook.

It all started about two decades ago, shortly after having his head shaved, Keeton accidentally discovered the ability, he said, explaining he was at a ball game, cooling his head with a cold drink, when one of the players hit a homerun. He threw up his hands and then realized, because of the people snickering around him, that the can was stuck to his head! He soon realized that objects not only stick to his head but also his hands, back and stomach.  Keeton’s body stays a constant 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and the pores in his skin take in a much higher quantity of oxygen than other human bodies do. What’s great about this is that his skin doesn’t wrinkle. Here’s a local story Marcus Leshock of WGNTV did on “Can Head”
I’m sure Jamie Keeton aka “Can Head” will become a national hit before we know it so “STICK AROUND"!!!

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