Sunday, July 28, 2013

Video: Reggie Wayne lands at Colts camp in style

Every year, Reggie Wayne's arrival at training camp is highly anticipated.
Whether it's showing up in a Humvee and military gear or a dump truck in preparation for construction, Wayne's appearance at camp has become an annual event, with each year topping the last.

That trend may end after this year, however, as Wayne's going to find it difficult to top his impressive entrance at the 2013 camp.
Wayne arrived at camp via an IU Health Life Line helicopter, something that George Bremer of the Herald Bulletin reported that he desired to do two years ago, but was shot down (If you don't appreciate a good pun, I don't know what to tell you).
Not only did Wayne show up in a helicopter, but he brought along a friend: Matt Sercer, a young man out of Plainfield who lost his foot in a farming accident and whose life was saved due to one of the Life Line choppers.
Per Bremer, Wayne says that the arrival signified "the sky being the limit" for the Colts, and that Sercer coming along was another bit of inspiration for his teammates. Sercer was told in December that he would never walk again, but today walked out of the chopper with Wayne.
For Colts fans, it's just another tick on the long list of reasons why Reggie Wayne is beloved more than any other current Colt. His performance throughout his career has obviously been stellar, but it's the attitude as a leader and member of the community that makes him a figure that somebody like Marvin Harrison never was for Indianapolis.

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