Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A video and picture that sum up the life of a rookie at training camp

In many ways, training camp isn't too fun for rookies.
There isn't much of the old school, mean hazing that used to go on, but the veterans don't let the rookies totally off the hook. Sometimes it's funny haircuts, sometimes it's providing breakfast for the veterans, and sometimes it's carrying all the helmets and shoulder pads of your position group to the locker room.
The above video, from Denver TV cameraman Dave Wille via his Facebook account, is a perfect glimpse into the life of a rookie at his first training camp.

No. 41 in the video is safety Ross Rasner of Arkansas (at least we think it's Rasner, tough to get a positive identification of his face when it's buried under his teammates' sweaty shoulder pads).

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