Saturday, July 6, 2013

Snoop (Dogg) Lion gives a public show of support to Aaron Hernandez

Once upon a time, Snoop Dogg rapped "Murder Was the Case," so maybe it shouldn't be too surprising he's defending Aaron Hernandez, who is being held on a first-degree murder charge.
Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Lion, which we think he wants to be called now) also loves attention, so we really shouldn't be surprised he is one of the few people who has publicly sided with Hernandez.
Snoop posted a picture of himself and Hernandez on Instagram with the caption, "Keep ya head up !! We prayn 4 ya." (H/T to USA Today.)

The response has been mostly negative – also not surprising. Many comments (at least the ones that didn't confuse Hernandez with George Zimmerman) angrily criticized Snoop for defending someone who is being charged for murder. Let's just say we can't publish most of the comments here on a family friendly blog.
But at this point, Hernandez will likely take any support he can get.

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