Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mike Piazza’s Derby interview was interrupted by a fight and a creepy video bomber

Mike Piazza, the former New York Mets star, joined the ESPN announcers during Monday's Home Run Derby and apparently adding him to the mix was too much for the Citi Field inhabitants to handle. It was like giving a mogwai something to eat after midnight. Things got weird.
First, a couple of dudes behind the ESPN set-up were caught in the middle of a fight. Our guess? Someone said David Wright should have picked Domonic Brown for the NL squad and things escalated from there. You know how those NL East teams feel about each other.
Then there was this kid, who creepily video bombed the Piazza interview, looking like he wanted to eat the soul of every TV viewer. Gasp!
There's obviously one lesson to be learned from this: Mike Piazza should not be allowed out in public. He inspires too many shenanigans.

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