Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bruno Perone’s flying kick breaks opponent’s face!

Another day, another kick to the face. This time, defender Bruno Perone of Brazilian Serie B side Icasa went for a head-high ball with a flying kick, turning his foot into a battering ram that connected with the face of Oeste player Jheymy. Perone was shown a red card and the unconscious victim was loaded into an ambulance an taken to a hospital.
Once there, Jheymy was treated for four facial fractures and required stitches for a large gash on his cheek. Here's what his face looked like after getting patched up...

Oeste's team doctor told Ole that they will operate once the swelling goes down and that Jheymy could return to the pitch in about two months (with a protective mask). Ole also reports that Oeste will ask that Bruno Perone be banned for as long as it takes Jheymy to recover.

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