Thursday, June 13, 2013

Watch a fighter vomit during his post-fight interview

So, you've made it through a three-round fight. It was described as "grueling," but you still got the decision win. Now, you get your chance to practice what it will be like when Joe Rogan comes into the cage after a UFC fight. It's time for the post-fight interview. Sure, your stomach is rumbling and you're not feeling great, but you just made it through a fight. You can make it through an interview, right?
Poor Cliff Thompson. He's 2-0, won his split decision over Doug Usher, but will still be remembered as the guy who puked before he could say a word in his post-fight interview. At the same time, there are plenty of fighters who are fighting in anonymity. Even if he is known as the Fightin' Puker, he will at least be known.

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