Thursday, July 11, 2013

Woops: Florida State player’s championship ring features the wrong conference

 Florida State has won thirteen ACC football championships since becoming eligible for them in 1992. Last December they bested Georgia Tech 21-15 in the conference's title game to clinch their most recent crown. Offensive lineman Menelik Watson - now with the Oakland Raiders - just got his ring and hey wait a second:

Sorry, Alabama: Looks like you're not the only team to win the SEC championship last year. We don't know if Watson's is the only ring to have the error, but we at least are sure his fellow offensive lineman Daniel Glauser's jewelry has the correct conference.
Should Watson bother to get a new ring, or just enjoy his status as the only Seminole with an SEC title?
 UPDATE: Florida State has said that Watson's ring was an isolated mistake and he'll get a replacement

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