Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Trading card of 7-year-old Nebraska spring game star, Jack Hoffman, fetches $6,100 on ebay for charity, but the bidder won’t pay!!!

The Jack Hoffman promotional rookie card that was auctioned off to help benefit pediatric cancer research is still waiting to be claimed.
Upper Deck made a handful of promotional cards for the 7-year-old cancer patient, who scored a touchdown during Nebraska’s spring game, in an effort to raise money for Hoffman’s charity, The Team Jack Foundation. Hoffman signed four of them (three in silver and one in gold) and auctioned one of the silver signed cards on ebay.
The auction received a lot of attention and the final bid was $6,100.
Only the man who supposedly made the bid has no plans to pay up, according to Beckett.com.
Prep 2 Pro Sports owner Mike Schnoor, who is selling the cards on behalf of the Hoffman family, said efforts to contact several other bidders also have failed.

So what should have been a continuation of the heartwarming story that had touched the nation this spring has actually turned sour.
“It’s a pretty sore subject around here,” Schnoor told Beckett Media. “The guy who ended up winning said a guy logged into his account and bid on it as a joke. It goes from a great story to kind of sobering.”
Schnoor told Beckett.com he was thinking of other ways to auction the card, including relisting it as a “Buy It Now” or auctioning it off locally.
It’s just unfortunate that it’s come to this. Hopefully, Hoffman and his family won’t be too disheartened by the uncouth tactics of a few people. Hoffman’s 69-yard run in front of 60,000 people watching Nebraska's spring game remains one of the most inspirational stories of the year.

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