Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gym Sock Award: “Kicking out the Kicker”

On Tuesday the Dallas Cowboys decided to have a kicking contest between Nick Folk and David Buehler. Folk missed his last five field goals and only made 3 out of his last 9 in games for Dallas. Folk ended up winning the competition but might have lost his job yesterday. The Cowboys defeated the once undefeated New Orleans Saints 27-17 but Folk has missed a league-high 10 field-goal attempts and his failure on a 26-yarder in New Orleans that could have clinched Saturday's upset of the Saints. This has reinforced internal concerns that Folk's issues are mental and demonstrate he cannot be trusted on kicks of any length. The Cowboys don’t want to get rid of the guy because they believe he can eventually be effective again. I say, “The proof is in the pudding.” Folk proves that he just can’t cut it right now and he’s stinks up the field like “GYM SOCKS” rather than a sweet flavor pudding should taste like. Veteran Jason Elam might be the kicker who can save the day. He was released by Atlanta earlier this month. Nick Folk you have stunk up the kicking game this year for the Cowboys so you are my “Gym Sock” recipient. Until then kicking drama will continue in Dallas and maybe in Houston too. Remember Kris Brown missed two game winners for the Texans this year. What’s up with Texas Kickers?

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